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Flavia: our new Italian crush in Madrid

When we come back to Madrid we usually hesitate: should we visit our favorite spots or should we try new ones? Nowadays there are so many nice restaurants that is really difficult to keep up with the hype. But among all the new openings, there was one that caught our attention. Flavia claimed to be the new home for authentic Italian cuisine in Madrid, so we had to give it a try. Located in a quiet area of Madrid’s city center yet far from the tourists and the traffic, it was not the most awaited opening, but its proposal certainly looked attractive to us.

Calzoni alla vicentina

Last week we had the pleasure of collaborating with Callwey’s blog. The amazing coffee-table-books editorial asked us if we could prepare a nice recipe to share with their readers. And we decided to recreate a delicious Italian staple: Calzoni alla Vicentina. We made them from scratch, dough included! So head over to Callwey’s blog, if you’d like to learn how to prepare these simple yet scrumptious treats that will make your stomachs jump with joy!

Imperial dresses

A couple of weeks ago we were strolling around Viertel, the cool area of Bremen, when we decided to have a look in one of the shops. We usually don’t go shopping in this neighbourhood because everything is so indie and cool that we just don’t feel comfortable. But! You never know what you are going to find, huh? And we did find something we like! We discovered Imperial, an Italian brand that has a bunch of beautiful dresses for the party season. The best thing is that they have a nice little number for every kind of woman: 1. The minimalistic scandi design lover will love this trapeze dress: muted pastel colours, subtle silver shimmer and a very simple cut. 2. The boho girl can find her perfect outfit mixing this long lace dress with a faux fur jacket and a pair of embellished boots. 3. Do you like retro vibes? Look no further! This beautiful black dress will look espectacular on you. Add a pair of black pumps, Veronica Lake hair and a touch of red …

Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini

This is a simple pasta recipe that you can put together in no time and it’s beyond delicious. Authentic comfort food perfect for the new season. We prepared this dish yesterday: the smell of the fungui slowly cooking in white wine and the sound of the rain against the windows made our kitchen feel like Autumn. Whether you want to entertain your friends or family with a delightful recipe or treat yourself on a lonely rainy Sunday, you should try this beautiful pasta recipe: the strong flavour of the funghi against the smooth buttery pasta is simply exquisite.

Risi e bisi

This is one of my favourite dishes. It’s a Venetian recipe that my grandmother used to prepare all the time. Sadly, we lost her recipe when we lost her seven years ago. I’ve tried to recreate it since then and, although the results never match her delicious creamy spicy Risi e Bisi, I’ve came up with a quite nice dish.

Homemade pizza margherita

I’ve eaten tons of pizzas in my life, but none has ever tasted better than my mother’s homemade pizza margherita. She has this theory: to really know if a place serves really good pizza, you have to order marguerita, the most humble and simple version of pizza. Well, she knows what she’s talking about because she makes the BEST margherita. And you are lucky: she is sharing her recipe (which was my grandmother’s recipe) with us today!