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Weekend Style Icons: Levi

Hi there! How was your week? Ours was stressful! As you read this I’ll be flying to Italy for a family gathering. So this week was all about having everything done work wise. Of course, I did all the packing yesterday night. And to do so, I was inspired by Levi, from the blog Tlnique. She masters the polished casual look, just what I was looking for!

Weekend style icons: Yara

Let’s start the weekend with a great cup of coffee and some style inspiration. Today we welcome Yara, the girl behind the brand new web-that-you-must-check Chapter Friday. We already followed her when she was just a chick with style but now that she hosts blogging masterclasses, works as a freelance editor for Elle and has created the wonderful and inspirational space that Chapter Friday is, we can’t help but adore her. Besides, she looks fantastic with her platinum hair!

Moodboard: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities that grows on you. Charming, decadent and melancholic. This week we dedicate our moodboard to Lisbon’s miradoiros, steep streets and tiled facades. Long conversations overlooking the river at Miradouro Santa Catarina. A glass of wine in Bairro Alto. A morning wandering through the corridors of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. A night of Fado in Alfama. And of course, some Pastéis de Belém.

Moodboard: Ibiza

Lately we’ve been dreaming in white and blue. We miss the sea and the sun. It happens every year around this time. Our muscles are tired of cold, our skin needs to be sunkissed and our spirits long for that boost that only the sea breeze can give. We want to spend some days in a quiet island… and Ibiza is constantly in our minds. Before the crowds invade the island for the high season, we would love to enjoy its authentic charm. Slow-paced breakfasts, lazy days discovering lonely sandy beaches and remote rocky coves, long walks in the quieter rural areas of the island… Pure bliss!

The secret is…

Even though my number one project for this season is renovating our entry way, the lovely weather that we enjoyed last week made me think about our balcony. We do have a nice balcony, south-oriented, that we never use because… well, we live in Germany and the weather is awful. But Spring will come eventually (hey, global warming!) and we could use the balcony! Looking for some inspiration in Pinterest I’ve discovered the secret to a great balcony: a nice rug!!!

Weekend Style Icons: Meric

This weekends’ inspiration comes from Turkey. Meric is the creative director of Mr., co-founder of Apartment 11 and owner of an amazing blog, Maritsa. She has a unique sense of style and even though casual outfits are not that frequent in her blog, every time we see her wearing comfy and less formal looks, we love it!

Home inspiration: entry way

We’ve been living in the same house for three years but we still have lots of decorating to do. We want to improve our little work corner, hang some wall art in the living room, add some nice touches to our bedroom… but what I really want to change is the entry way. Every time I come back from work and I see how empty that space is, my heart breaks a little. So this is going to be my Spring number one project! I want something functional but pretty, so I’ve been looking for inspiration and here there are some ideas that I might try, if you’ like to see.

Weekend style icons: Adenorah

Friday means inspiration and today we are travelling to France in search of the perfect French chic. Adenorah comes from Biarritz but lives in Paris. Both places reflect the laid back yet elegant essence of the French allure and this girl manages to gather all those influences in modern, minamilistic and really cool outfits.

Weekend Style Icons: Erea

Today we are off to London! We can’t be more excited! I’m attending a course this weekend and P. is going to explore the city on her own, so it’s going to be a challenge for both of us! As always, we want to finish the week with a dose of inspiration. Today, let us introduce you to Erea, a freelance stylist based in Madrid.