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Flavoured ice cubes

Summer kicks off this weekend! Finally! The days are super long and call for cocktails on the terrace, don’t they? We want something delicious and fresh. Just like these flavoured ice cubes! here you have five easy peasy recipes to dress up your drinks this Summer. 1. Chai tea ice cubes: add fresh milk and you’ll have a spicy treat perfect for unusual breakfasts. 2. Melon ice cubes: try different types of melon or just choose one type. Either way, they are the perfect company for sparkling water. 3. Lime and mint ice cubes: did I hear Mojito? These ice cubes hide the quintessence of Summer. 4. Lemon ice cubes: your go-to recipe. When life gives you lemons… 5. Floral ice cubes: this is exactly what you need to suprise your guests. Fancy yet adorable.