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10 rooms with a view

Now that the weather is cold and we spend most of our leisure time at home looking how it rains outside, we’ve been daydreaming about more appealing views. This is a selection of the best room views around the world. A girl can dream, right? 1. Hotel salto chico: a lodge located right at the heart of the extraordinary Torres del Paine National Park in central Patagonia. This lodge is places right on the banks of the Salto Chico waterfall. It affords an excellent view of the unique Paine Massif and two of the three impressive torres, or towers, which give the park its name.

Thinking about Dubai

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Dubai.  Maybe it’s because it’s one of the most popular destinations among German travellers and I always see amazing images in all the travel agencies in Bremen, maybe it’s because it’s the door to such a different culture or maybe it’s because I’m already longing for warmer temperatures and longer days. I don’t know… but the thing is that I daydream about it all the time. The most amazing hotels ( Have you seen this place?, Or this one? And this one?) new galleries with the best contemporary art of the Arab world, the finest international cuisine, the contrast between the most ancient archaeological sites and the highest and skyscrapers and the shopping, oh the shopping! What about you? Are you daydreaming about any place in particular? Image via WimKok. PS: You can follow us on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Some days ago I read an article about Urbanauts and I though I had to share it with you. Urbanauts is a new accommodation concept that three architect friends have developed in Vienna. They have turned old vacant shops into street lofts, that is individual hotel rooms. The services that are normally provided by a hotel, such as breakfast, dry cleaning etc. have been replaced by local shops: the coffe shop around the corner becomes the breakfast lounge, dinner is served in the coolest restaurant of the neighbourhood, the spa is just two bloks away… This way they emphasize local infrastructure and at the same time, their guests live a really authentic experience feeling like locals. They will even tell you where to have your jeans customized! I can’t think of any hotel that offers that service… ;) What do you think? I think is a great idea! That’s the oposite of mainstream, isn’t it? PS: you can find our little guide to Vienna here. Images via Urbanauts


Our trip to Bruges was a last minute decision, but we were really lucky and booked the last room in Ter Duinen hotel. Usually we try to avoid the big hotel chains because they are a bit impersonal and when you get up you really don’t know if you are in London, Cape Town or Buenos Aires… they all look the same. That’s why we always look for nice charming hotels with something different. Well, this hotel was definitely a great choice.