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The pink pepper tree hotel, Mallorca

A few years ago we fell in love with the rural, central area of Mallorca.  It epitomizes everything we love in life. The landscape, the proximity to the sea and the mountains, the subtle golden light that warmly lits the beautiful traditional houses… everything emanates serenity. Since then we’ve dreamt about buying a little house in the area. However, it looks like that dream isn’t coming true anytime soon, but we’ve found a little boutique hotel that feels like our very own home in Mallorca.    The pink pepper tree hotel is hidden in Lloseta, a really small village off the beaten track. This hotel is a home hotel. This means that you are welcome to the kitchen to grab freakfast, that you will receive the keys to the main doors, that you can use the yoga room, the gardens and the swimming pool whenever you feel like it, that the owners will wave goodbye when you go and that, in general, you will feel that the stunning finca is your very own home in …

Our favourite hotels in Europe (and 2 tips to book wonderful stays)

When we were preparing this post we both have discussed a lot. Which hotel would we recommend as our favourite? We have stayed in all kinds of wonderful resorts and boutique hotels. However, they all have something in common: the attention to detail and the relaxed atmosphere. Some hotels have the best locations, others have the best breakfasts, others have an amazing sense of place… But the ultimate question to choose our favourite hotel was: if our very best friends were to visit just one hotel for their holidays forever, which one will we recommend? Here you have the result followed by the only two tips you need to book wonderful stays: Our favourite mountain retreat: Rosa Petra Spa Resort: this boutique hotel is absolutely perfect. The rooms, the breakfast, the location, the spa, the restaurant, the views, the staff… Everything is flawless. We go back every year before Christmas and the experience is always wonderful, it’s a little piece of heaven on Earth. This has to be our favourite hotel in the world. Read …

Filario Hotel, Lezzeno

We arrived at Filario hotel after a 4 a.m. wake up call, two planes and a quite bumpy car ride that lasted forever. The minute we crossed the hotel’s door, our suitcases disappeared, we were guided to a little, lovely terrace and suddenly the Lake Como was sparkling in front of us in all its splendor. Everything was blue, fresh and smelled like camellias and sunshine. From that moment on, there was nothing but relaxation, excitement and the feeling of being in another world, a better one.    There’s something you have to know about Filario hotel, member of Design Hotels: it will make you forget everything else. It exudes serenity, it makes you slow down and we are pretty sure that somehow Filario hotel makes time stop. It could be the magnificent views, the silence just broken by birds and bells in the distance, the light breeze, the unique scent of the hotel… In some way your senses awake yet you feel motionless, lost into the beauty of the lake and the calmness of …

Moodboard: Soho Farmhouse

Sometimes we choose our next destination because we feel the urge to stay at one particular hotel. We read a review or an article about it in our favourite travel magazine or blog and fell in love with the interiors, the spa or the breakfast buffet. And then we book our trip.

Rosapetra Spa Resort, Cortina d’Ampezzo

The four days we spent at Rosapetra Spa Resort were the happiest days we’d had in a very, very long time. That happiness that only fresh, clean air, infinite powerful views, silent afternoons and calm dinners under soft, warm light can give. We can’t be objective about this resort because we will remember it forever as one of the most happiest places on Earth for us. The day we left we were profoundly relaxed, serene, rosy cheeked and determined to come back.

SP34 hotel, Copenhagen

Any visit to Copenhagen should be focus on design, excellent food and long walks or bike rides. The city has a smart casual code, is friendly yet sophisticated, open but walkable… it’s simply one of those places that makes you fall in love and think about how real life would be living there. But since travel is phantasizing, you should look for an accommodation that gives you that illusion, that makes you feel like a local in the know, that exudes the personality of the city where it’s located.  Hotel SP34 provides that experience. It will make you believe that you are one of those young, tall, smart, total black outfit wearers, cool bike Danish riders.

Hotel Skeppsholmen. Stockholm

This is going to be a long post, we warn you. Grab a drink and discover with us this fantastic hotel in the center of Stockholm. We will show you its relaxed atmosphere, some pictures of the incredible food they serve in the restaurant and, of course, expect plenty of rambling about the breakfast buffet.

5 things that should be mandatory in every hotel

Staying in a beautiful hotel is a wonderful experience. We have been lucky enough to stay in some wonderful boutique hotels but there is always room for improvement. These are 5 things we would love to find in every single hotel: – Milk and cookies in the room service menu. This should be absolutely mandatory. How many times have you arrived at a lovely hotel late at night, exhausted yet a little bit peckish and all you wanted was a nice comforting glass of milk and cookies before crawling into bed? Never? Oh well, we have experienced that craving lots of times. Milk and cookies is just the perfect midnight snack and I’m sure lots of guests will appreciate it! – A little courtesy room for that ackward moment when you pick your luggage after making the most of your last morning in your destination and want to rearrange your suitcases. Sometimes you have to do it in the middle of the lobby and it’s not gracious, to say the least. We remember a particularly …