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Mojito fruit salad

Is summer wherever we are in northern hemisphere, it’s a fact, even if it’s raining or freezing. I was looking for a recipe that make us remember those sunny days with friends at the beach, and I found something that was perfect. As (almost) always Jamie Oliver was the one who had the perfect solution, Mojito fruit salad. This recipe mix one of the most popular drinks and our favourite food (not only) in summer. You can find the recipe here, you will only need watermelon, mango, pineapple and, of course, the mojito’s ingredients. You can see the results in the photos, it was delicious. It is the perfect end for a dinner with friends.

Roast chicken with lemon and rosemary potatoes

This is a great recipe for a weekend lunch with friends. While preparing it we pictured ourselves sharing it with our dearest friends in our balcony on a sunny day. Sadly our dearest friends are thousands of kilometers away and the weather has been hideous lately (it feels like Autumn again). Super sad face. Anyway, we enjoyed this recipe this weekend all bundled up at home listening to the rain and watching past seasons of Masterchef. Great plan, huh?