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Autumn homemade bouquets

Every Saturday we spend a fair amount of time at the flower market. It’s part of our routine and one of the things we love the most about living in Germany. The flower culture here is fantastic. Every season the flower market changes and it gives us a sense of time and place. When tulips arrive we know Winter is finally coming to an end, cherry blossoms mark Easter, peonies announce Summer and dahlias encourage us to light candles and prepare for the cold temperatures. We love buying lots of flowers on Saturdays and creating our very own arrangements and bouquets. Just as we meal prep on weekends, we love preparing our home for the week ahead. And since Autumn is a time for nesting, we thought we could share three easy but beautiful flower arrangements that you can easily prepare at home. There are lot’s of thing you can use to display your flowers. Vases are an obvious, practical and perfectly fine choice but we love using whatever we have at home to create …

4 years

Four years ago we took a plane to Paris, where we were supposed to catch another flight to Bremen. We lost our connection and ended up in Hamburg where, as soon as we got out of the plane, a taxi driver was expecting us to drive us at a ridiculously high speed to Bremen. We arrived at night, exhausted and confused. The following morning we woke up to an empty foggy town. The only sound was the cawing of several huge black crows. We were terrified and thought that moving here was a terrible idea.

Home inspiration: entry way

We’ve been living in the same house for three years but we still have lots of decorating to do. We want to improve our little work corner, hang some wall art in the living room, add some nice touches to our bedroom… but what I really want to change is the entry way. Every time I come back from work and I see how empty that space is, my heart breaks a little. So this is going to be my Spring number one project! I want something functional but pretty, so I’ve been looking for inspiration and here there are some ideas that I might try, if you’ like to see.

In my suitcase: house slippers

According to magazines, blogs and advertising campaings this is the season to dress up, go to sophisticated parties and surround yourself with equally elegant people. We’ve already put in our suitcase velvet blazers and festive clutches and we will probably include some nice dresses, a pair of black pants and some fancy shoes… but the truth is that our holidays consist mostly of tv marathons, huge lunches with the family and lots of procrastination. And for that, we just need pijamas and house slippers. But they better be cool! 1. These super warm and cosy moc style slippers are what P. and I wear every day at home. They were a present of Nikolaus last year. 2. A soft fluffly nest for your little feet. They can make you feel like a child again, don’t you think? 3. For all of you who want to look like Olivia Pope at home, creamy elegant ballerinas. 4. Velvet slippers. I love them so much that I would wear them on the street! Well, pijamas were super fashionable last year, …

Xmas series: what couples want

Today we want to give you some ideas to get the perfect present for those lovely couples in your life. Sometimes two of your friends or two of your family members come as a pack: your cousin and his lovely girlfriend, those friends who are together since the beginning of times, your parents… Why not giving them a present that suits both of them? 1 & 2: two lovely sweaters for those cosy afternoons they love to spend at their favourite cafe. You can get these at The Kooples. 3 & 4: music or DVD box sets. Which couple doesn’t like cuddling up in the sofa while enjoying their favourite music or film? You can go for the classics: Beatles or James Bond. 5 & 6: Cooking and travelling together are the most popular hobbies for couples, so these books would be a great gift. Yesterday we shared a recipe of this book,Nigella Express, so you already know that we love it. And every traveller or foodie couple would love this book. And since couples …

Cosy Autumn home

As much as we love travelling, eating out and enjoying all the nice things the world has to offer, there’s nothing like an Autumn afternoon at home. When the weather gets colder we try to add some nice touches to our home to make it a little bit cosier, warmer and inviting. Here you have some tips to prepare your home for this season, if you’d like to see…

Inspired by music

Lately we’ve been looking for some art, photography and prints to decorate our walls. We have some pretty frames that I’ve painted myself and they are waiting for the right images to complete them. So I’ve been browsing Etsy and I’ve come across the most amazing shop: Lyrical Artworks. They make unique art inspired by song lyrics. We just love it! In the image you can see their print of Fix you, by Cold Play. But they have a huge selection: rock, pop, classics, reggae… Want to see some more?

Let’s have a seat

We live in this house for more than two years but the decoration is not finished yet. I guess it never will… Anyway, we’ve been looking for the perfect armchair to add a comfy vibe to our home. We’ve want a timeless piece that can age with us so we want quality. These armchairs from the Italian brand Baxter are magnificent and they could be the perfect investment. The problem now is that we can’t decide which one we like the most… and the price tag is quite impressive. But we should remember that we want quality! Do you want to have a look at ou favourites?

Summer centerpiece

One of the perks of living in Germany is having flowers everywhere. There are thousand florists in every little town, flower markets in almost every square and even the supermarkets sell the cutest bouquets. Since we moved here I buy flowers every week and try to find new ways of arranging them. I thought I could share with you my latest Summer centerpiece, if you’d like to see…

Shopcaster: independent boutiques online

Good morning everyone! Have you ever wanted to go shopping in those hipsters little boutiques in Williamsburg? Or have a look at the small shops in über cool Queen West in Toronto? Well now you can do it from your sofa! Shopcaster has put together a really nice selection of independent retailers and offers you the possibility of buying online from multiple cities in North America. We love their job because they are helping small shops and young entrepreneurs to get where they won’t be able to get alone.