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Copenhagen: our 10 favourites

Now that we are putting the finishing touches in our next trip, here you have the last post about our recent stay in Copenhagen. These are the 10 things that we recommend every time someone asks about tips on this gorgeous city. Our musts. Our favourites. 1. Tea and/or coffee at Cafe Norden. We’ve mentioned this gorgeous café several times and that’s because it’s cosy, cosmopolitan and has a gorgeous understated fashionable clientele that makes it perfect to people watch. Besides, their coffee, ginger and lemon tea and chai latte are delicious. And their cinnamon buns won our personal “best cinnamon bun in CPH” contest. The location is perfect, central and just in front of the luxurious department store Illum.   2. Walk by the water: whether the weather is sunny and bright or grey and foggy, a walk along the water is mandatory. There’s nothing as relaxing as a slow walk along the canals and the inner bay. We’ve been going to CPH frequently for the past 5 years and this area has improved …

The slow-paced weekend guide to Lake Como

Our slow-paced weekend guide to Lake Como is live! We’ve put together all the information you need to enjoy a fantastic weekend in the heart of Lake Como, full of great food and long, serene walks in the most beautiful gardens and promenades. If, like us, you just want to relax and eat well while travelling (granny style much?) and you’ve always wanted to visit the area, you will love it. Check the Weekend Guides section in our front page… or just click here!

The slow-paced weekend guides

During the last few months we’ve been updating our slow-paced weekend guides. These guides want to be your go-to resource when planning your next European weekend getaway. Here you won’t find museums, sights or your average tourist routes. In these slow-paced guides we just share with you our favourite places to eat, drink a nice cup of coffee and go for a carefree walk. Our goal is to encourage an alternative way of travel: we want you to admire the architecture by exploring all the side streets, we want you to stop and have a nice drink in that cute café and pretend you are a local, we want you to indulge in a lovely meal without stressing about what’s next on your to do list. We also include a few hotels recommendations, because for us choosing the right accommodation is key to enjoy our trips. We uncover the most charming boutique hotels where you will find a unique hospitality, a sense of place and a extremely comfortable bed to enjoy room service because… why …

Ibiza’s secrets and legends

Three years ago we spent the most wonderful days exploring Ibiza. The rural Ibiza, the quiet Ibiza. Now that we are already thinking about our Summer holidays, this extremely popular yet truly unknown destination has made its way to the top of our bucket list again. There are so many corners we have to discover yet… Because Ibiza is not just a party island! It has the most magical atmosphere once you look beyond the surface. And when we found this book, we couldn’t help but immediately start looking for flight prices, accommodations and new routes in Ibiza. Wanderlust mode on! Even though we mostly rely on travel blogs, magazines and Instagram (as seen here, here and here) to plan new trips nowadays, the good old travel books are a lovely resource to go back to. And this book is a perfect example. It’s a collection of rare hidden places, mysterious tales and magical landscapes in the Balearic Islands. It uncovers the secrets of local legends and makes us want to keep on discovering that …

The slow-paced weekend guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is fun, real fun. It’s a city to enjoy on foot up and down those beautiful hills that instantly put you in a good mood in spite of the usually terrible weather. The charming at day but enveloped in mystery at night cobblestone streets are full of history, there is a fantastic place to grab a drink or a bite in almost every corner and the city has a terrific cultural life. Squeezing all that Edinburgh has to offer in a couple of days could be difficult (and stressful), so take it easy, try to focus on having a good time and follow these tips to enjoy a wonderful slow-paced weekend in Edinburgh.    HOW TO GET THERE The Edinburgh airport is perfectly connected to the city by bus and tram. The tram takes a little bit longer and cost a tad more but the ride is smoother. Whatever you choose you won’t need more than half an hour to be in Princess Street with the Old Town standing majestically to your right and …

The slow-paced weekend guide to Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of those postcard perfect little villages that comes in to your mind whenever you think about Christmas, Winter wonderlands or romcoms that take place in charming mountain retreats. But actually Cortina d’Ampezzo is better than all that because it’s real:  the chalets, the light green pointed bell tower, the twisting mountain roads surrounded by green meadows and dense woods, those impressive, magnificent mountains that border the landscape… We live the whole year waiting for that first crisp, pine scented, invigorating deep breath that we take the moment we arrive.   HOW TO GET THERE Cortina is located a two hour car ride away from Venice Airport. Remember to book your seat on the right side of the plane to see the majestic Venice from your window. If a thick matted wool like fog doesn’t interfere with your landing, that is. Once in Venice, you can take the Cortina Express or de ATVO regional buses. Both have a very convenient stop at Venice airport. You can always rent a car (the roads are …

The slow pace guide to London

You know that London is one of our favourite destinations and if you checked our IG feed yesterday you would have seen a little preview of today’s post. Yes, after lots of long weekends in Marylebone, a couple of wonderful stays discovering the Southbank and a love story with Carnaby Street, we’ve finally decided to  publish The slow pace guide to London. Of course we are not Londoners, but just as we did with our Copenhagen guide, we wanted to share with you a few addresses that we love, hotels where we’ve stayed and other recommendations to savour, enjoy and love London. The slow pace way, of course!

The slow paced guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of our favorite places in the world. We love everything about it: the city is not too big but offers thousands of possibilities, almost everyone is friendly (and really good-looking), the architecture and design are outstanding and there is a fantastic food scene. We’ve decided to put together our list of recommendations in case you are thinking about visiting Copenhagen. These are just some of our favorite places and things to do for a laid-back, relaxing weekend. Don’t expect a full guide of monuments, transport tips or historical facts. But! If you want to spend a few days wandering around Copenhagen, eating great food, doing some shopping and enjoying life, then this might be of your interest.


Short afternoon post to show you another highlight of our trip to Italy last month. This is a tiny village located just some kilometers away from Vicenza. We made a short stop in our way to Bassano del Grappa to have an ice espresso coffee and have a look at the its two castles, the one on the top of the hill and the one in the main square.

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is one of those little villages that steal your heart. It might not appear in most of the guides about the Veneto region but it’s one of the nicest places you could visit. It’s the perfect setting for long walks and has the most amazing sunsets. Placed under the mountains and crossed by the river Brenta, Bassano del Grappa will make you want to sell everything, buy a house by the river and forget abour the world.