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Summer makeup

Two months ago we spent a few days in Ibiza. In addition to lots of tips for our slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza, we brought a nice tan with us. Miraculously we still have a lovely sunkissed tone in our skin and that’s why my only purpose in life since then has been keeping and enhancing that “oh, I’m just back from Ibiza” glow. For that, I’ve been skipping foundation and using these ten products (plus lots of moisturizer and lots of water, because we all know that drinking lots of water is the secret to eternal youth, good health and Victoria Secret’s body). Becca First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh: this primer gives you a glowy base for your foundation but if you have a light tan, the one that gives you small cute freckles, you can use it as a your skin, but better lotion. Clarins Instant Concealer: a little bit goes a long way, so tiny amount of this concealer will cover your  dark circles (because you are just back from the …

Summer bronze

It’s that time of the year again… when our pale skins stand out in a sea of dewy, tan faces. The Snow White look is not exactly the best to rock in Summer. So in order to hide our sad, almost green white skin tones we reach for our trustworthy bronzers: the ones that we use in the search of that caramel, golden Beyoncé bronze… or  at least help us have a healthier and summer-ish look. 

Beauty favourites

We’ve been using these products over and over again for the last month, so we might as well share them with you because they are absolutely fantastic. We are not beauty experts but, from not beauty expert to another… do you want to have a look?


Grey is P.’s favourite colour so she’s super happy that it is so fashionable this season. Grey can be combined with lots of colours but she specially loves mixing it with navy, chocolate and, obviously, black. This season, however, it seems mandatory to pair the softest shades of grey with pastels. Well, I don’t think that is going to happen. P’s wardrobe has an interesting lack of soft colours. Well, colours in general. Maybe a touch of green and mustard, but that’s all. Anyway… grey combines perfectly with those too! 1. The basic. A fantastic cashmere sweater. This is the kind of piece you should invest some money on. 2. This lovely dress from Sandro will be a great adition to anyone’s wardrobe. You can dress it up with pumps and a pretty coat, or dress it down with flats and a biker jacket. 3. If I could, I would buy this hat. This perfect fedora will make every outfit look like a million dollar. 4. This oversize coat by Isabel Marant x H&M is …