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Moodboard: Crete

A few years ago we spent a couple of wonderful weeks in Greece. We stayed in Athens, we visited a tiny inland village, attended a wedding and then we headed to Mykonos for a few days. It was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. The kind of experience we will cherish forever. Since then we’ve always wanted to go back to Greece. Now we happen to have a direct flight to Crete and, well, it seems like the best opportunity to get to know the largest island in Greece. The cultural heritage, the landscapes, the architecture, the food and the warm Greek hospitality make Crete a very tempting destination. The only problem I see is that there’s so much to do that we will need at least a couple of weeks to explore the island and unfortunately we don’t have that much time. But we we would love to see the Venetian houses in Chania, hike the White Mountains, spend a few days enjoying the Mediterranean Sea, visit the Palace of Knossos and …

A charming Summer: Koufonisia

Third installment of our Summer sereies. Why not visiting a charming Greek island off the beaten track? Let’s travel to Koufonisia, the perfect destination for those who seek to relax on their holidays in golden sand beaches, swim on small natural pools of turquoise waters and feast on seafood fresh from the sea.

Grace Hotel Santorini with Mediteranique

Second stop in our trip around the Mediterranean Sea with Mediteranique! Mediteranique offers a great choice of boutique hotels in Greece, but today we daydream about one of the most fantastic destinations of that wonderful country: Santorini. Even though we have visited Greece a couple of times, we never got to visit this tiny Aegean Island, which claims to have the best sunsets of the Mediterranean. So let’s imagine our perfect getaway to Santorini at the Grace Hotel…

Two amazing retreats with Aman Resorts

Every once in a while we think about leaving everything behind and desappear for a while. Well… don’t we all? Sometimes a good old vacation is just what we need. But in other occasions we need more than that. Time for ourselves, for our health and for our minds. That’s why as soon as we heard about these two retreats organized by Aman Resorts in two of their most amazing destinations, Buthan and Greece, we knew we had to share them with you.

We need this! Ancient greek sandals

I know that lots of people don’t like to show their feet, models for instance. I’m tired of reading in magazines that top models don’t like their feet. I guess they say something like that because they have to, right? Otherwise they will be perfect and we will hate them. But they don’t fool anyone! Not me! Anyway! I do like my feet and I love sandals. I like wearing them because it usually means I’m on vacation, I’m wearing a nice nail polish and I’m having a good time. Comfy shoes plus holidays. Is there anything better? Well, yes, ice cream between cookies but we alredy talked about that on Monday! Back to our theme today: I’m always looking for the perfect sandals because they are really difficult to find.  Until now. I’ve found them!

Katikies Hotels Santorini

This week I’m tired. Tired of Winter. I need sun, light and long warm days. I want to wear sandals instead of snow boots. I want to drink cocktails by the pool. I want Summer. I want need holidays. Yesterday I was daydreaming about Greece and found this incredible hotel, the Katikies, a hidden jewel in Santorini. That’s exactly what I need. In my head I’m already there… It looks like the perfect place to relax, watch time go by and don’t think at all, just enjoy life and sunsets.


Mykonos is just wonderful. We spent six days going from beach to beach, no make up, no heels, no rush, no clock… it was all about great food, wonderful landscapes and kind people. Since it was already October the island was almost deserted: perfection.

From Athens to Mykonos

… And back to our greek adventures! We had spent a wonderful time in Athens, but we had a wedding to attend, so we took a train and headed north. We were so excited! Greek weddings are so famous that we couldn’t wait to get to the small village in the middle of nowhere where the wedding was taking place. We spent 4 hours in a very nice train, although when we first saw it we thought it was going to be awful! Greek trains are like German or Italian trains: not very nice on the outside but quite comfortable on the inside! This is a picture of the landscape through the train window.


Athens is a great city. A bit chaotic and noisy but hey, it has the Parthenon! We have been there a couple of times, but the last time was amazing. We were invited to a real Greek wedding, so we took a couple of weeks off work and spent the most amazing time in Greece.


Clean waters Amazing beach clubs where you get everything you need without leaving your sunbed Deserted beaches Wonderful places to relax… We love life! (in Greece) PS: A post of our Greek adventures comming soon!!!