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The best coffee in Hamburg

With that beautiful faded light in the mornings and the first orange leaves in the trees, Autumn is slowly but surely making its way into our lives. Since this year we’ve had a few days of Summer with proper high temperatures and crazy humidity, we are looking forward to the new season, which by the way has always been my favourite. It’s the best time of the year for that slow life we love so much: candles, blankets, crispy air, rosy cheeks and afternoons in lovely cafes sipping warm, comforting lattes. We happen to live near one of the best cities to sip coffee: Hamburg. With its huge port, its lovely classic city center, the most amazing shops and that cold North Sea air that blows strongly, Hamburg is our favourite destination for a Saturday of shopping and coffee. Here you have our favourite coffee addict addresses: Coffee Table Mags (Wexstraße 28): we discovered this place on Instagram, because the owner posts the most beautiful images: wooden tables, unique magazines and coffee, that is, heaven. …

Dühne: the worst day of Summer

We are already in full Autumn mood so we’ve been reminiscing a little bit about this Summer that has gone by pretty quickly and barely noticed. It hasn’t been our most memorable Summer, but we’ve spent some great moments that were the reason why we posted a few articles: wonderful meals, afternoons by the swimming pool, Italian road trips and a few hours in Venice. However, I’ve been thinking that most travel blogs don’t mention epic travel fails and, well, we had one this year so I thought we should share it with you and laugh about it together. Because not everything in life is Instagram worthy!

Schloss Heidelberg

When tourist visit Heidelberg castle they expect a dark medieval dungeon, but they are welcomed by a curious mixture of different styles that create a wonderful ensemble, which has been known as the epitome of Romanticism.  In any case, it’s the highlight of any trip to Heidelberg. Once you go up there with the funicular train you will feel transported to a magical and beautifully quiet era. The views are spectacular and just a walk through the gardens will be enough to make you fall head over heells for the place.

Moodboard: Heidelberg

16 years ago I spent a few months studying in Heidelberg. Yeah, I’m that old. No Euros, no low cost travel, no internet. No internet!!! So that really meant being abroad, away from your family and friends. I may or may not sound like a granny but, really, those were the old days… I had my first brunch there when it wasn’t even called a brunch, I used payphones to call home, I wrote letters, I cooked lots of Tortilla de patatas because before globalization there were still things that we didn’t know from other cultures, I spent a huge amount of time in trains, I tried to surprise my best friend in Geneva but didn’t met her because there weren’t mails or mobile phones to warn her… I had a great time. It was disastrous, fun, scary and wonderful. This weekend I’m taking my mum and P. to Heidelberg and I just can’t wait. It’s going to be a walk down memory lane and I’m really looking forward to it. I guess everything is going to be …

Weekend style icons: Juliane

Good morning! Have you planed anything nice for the weekend? Whatever you do, we hope you have a great time. In style, obviously. So here you have a little bit of inspiration to look fantastic this weekend. Meet Juliane, a German blogger with a fashionable wardrobe and a serious case of Wanderlust. In fact, we discovered her blog through one of her dreamy travel posts!

Living abroad

Yesterday was our third German anniversary. We’ve been living in Germany for three years now. I just can’t believe it. We arrived in Bremen a really cold night after missing our connection at CDG airport. We were exhausted, angry and sad. My grandfather had had a heart attack the day before our departure so I was worried sick. I remember thinking: tomorrow everything would be better. (Scarlett O’Hara style).

The Christmas market

I love Christmas!!! I adore it!! That’s why, for me, the first day we visit the Christmas market in Bremen is one of the happiest days of the year. It’s so beautiful!!! The little shops, the hot chocolate, the lights, the music, the people all happy and… well, drunk, but happy! So I thought I have to share with you some pictures of our first visit to the Christmas market. I hope you like it!