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Moodboard: Cassis

September starts today and with it, all the plans for the new year. Because September is the real January, isn’t it? This year, however, we are facing a quite strange September I’d say… We are in that moment of our lives where we have to wait. Life feels like a waiting room and it’s fine with us. But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about new destinations. Quite the opposite! If we are in a waiting room, let’s read all the travel magazines! Lately I’ve been thinking about France a lot. Very strange because, honestly, it has never been among my favourite countries… I even want to start learning French! (See? New goals… that’s what September is for!) And since Cassis has been the star of Instagram this Summer (Lisbon was the queen of Instagram this Spring… it’s funny how travel trends develop thanks to social media) now all I can think about is sailing along the Calanques, spending sunny crispy mornings in the Cassis market and watching life go by from a lovely viewpoint …

French destinations for Autumn

Who hasn’t dreamt about a romantic Parisian getaway in Autumn? I know, I know, it’s a cliché… but wouldn’t it be nice? The faded light, the warm croissants, the cold sunsets… But for those who prefer travelling off the beaten track, there’s more to France than Paris. That’s why we’ve put up a list of other French destinations just as charming but not so crowded.

French cheese tasting

Last week we attended the most wonderful foodie experience: a French cheese tasting. It took place in our favourite restaurants in Bremen, Presse. Even though we eat there at least once a week, we hadn’t still attended one of their special nights. Two months ago, when we saw they have programmed a French cheese tasting, we couldn’t say no and booked our seats. If you love cheese, you are going to love this post!

A charming Summer: Arles

For those of you who are still or holidays, or even planning your next trip, here you have a nice suggestion: Arles. In this, our fourth installment of our Charming Summer series, we want to share with you a mini guide of Arles, a romantic French town with an impresive historical background and a lively atmosphere.

Moodboard: Bretagne

This week we are in the mood for France. The Cannes Film Festival has made us miss the allure of our neighbour country. Even though the Côte d’Azur has always been the most popular sea side French destination, we have always prefered the charming Bretagne. Like all good love stories, our fascination with Bretagne started with a book, the story of Mont Saint-Michel. I always pictured this area in Winter, with a mysterious mist. But I think it would be wonderful  for a relaxing Spring getaway. Sun, sea breeze, crepes and… lots of stripes, mais bien sûr!!

Weekend style icons: Adenorah

Friday means inspiration and today we are travelling to France in search of the perfect French chic. Adenorah comes from Biarritz but lives in Paris. Both places reflect the laid back yet elegant essence of the French allure and this girl manages to gather all those influences in modern, minamilistic and really cool outfits.

French cheese

To say that we love cheese would be an understatement. So when I came across the top ten cheese tours on France by National Geographic I thought that it was written for us. Thank you, National Geographic. This would be the perfect way of travelling: eating a different kind of cheese in every stop of the journey ;)

Tomato bar

In 1991 the Château de la Bourdaisière was converted into an upscale B&B. They also laid out a wonderful walled kitchen garden in its 55 hectares woodland park with some 550 varieties od red, white, green and yellow tomatoes! Guests and visitors to the chateau can harvest and enjoy them in the Tomato Bar.

Les Roulottes de Campagne

I hate camping. I do. I guess I’m too old for that. Or too picky. Or both. But I love being in contact with nature and camping gets you closer to nature that any other kind of vacation… No more worries!!! I have found the best solution!! Rent a wonderful Roulotte in France. This web offers you different Roulottes to rent in the most amazing places in France. The perfect boho-chic destination, don’t you think?