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Fragrance wardrobe

We’ve used the same fragances for years. For her, by Narciso Rodriguez for P. and Le Feau Light by Issey Miyake for me. P. still uses the famous velvety scent by Narciso Rodriguez but my beloved perfume was discontinued three years ago. Drama. Why oh why did they discontinue that wonderful fresh scent? Since then, I’ve been using Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne mostly. But recently we’ve discovered our mutual passion for masculine aromas. They are susually lighter, fresher and more vibrant than most women fragances, which we usually find too sweet or too powerful.

Tomboy fragances

I am quite difficult with perfumes because of my (most of the time) delicate sense of smell, maybe it’s due to my little nose. Unfortunately for E. if she likes a new fragance, first of all we have to test it together, because I couldn’t help it, some smells give me headaches.