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Vista Restaurante

During our beyond fantastic stay at Belavista Hotel & Spa, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at its restaurant Vista, specialised in modern cuisine with traditional regional roots. Let me tell you something: it was fancy!


There’s nothing better than a fresh baked croissant with a nice cup of coffee to start the day. That’s why I’ve always wanted to prepare my own croissants but it seems so difficult… it’s scary! So when I saw this recipe (with gifs!) I thought I could try…

Strawberry season

Strawberry season is here! I’ve started to see boxes full of these little red ladies everywhere and I’m more that happy. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits! In case you didn’t know, the most delicious strawberries grow in the Noth Sea coast area in Germany, so from now on we will enjoy their sweet smell and delicious flavor!! Yay!! We’ve found a perk of living in the North of Germany!!  ;) We like things simple, so we love eating fresh plain strawberries for breakfast but here you have some other fancier possibilities, if you’d like to see.

La Coquería

La Coquería is the new project of Maria Solivellas, the great cook who made the catering for our wedding. Since then not only is she a good friend, but also our favourite chef! Her restaurant, Ca Na Toneta, is simply amazing. In a constant attempt to recover the traditional Majorcan cuisine she has started with Katja Wöhr, her partner in crime, a new adventure in Palma: La Coquería.

Mallorca photo diary

Last week we spent a few days in Mallorca and although the weather wasn’t as good as we had expected we had a great time. We came to the conclusion that there is a German cloud that follows us everywhere we go. Some people have pets, we have a cloud. Anyway, here you have some pictures and recommendations if you’d like to see…

Picnic season

Picnic season is here! This is one of the nicest things of Spring and something we love: the day that the sun shines (something very rare here in the North of Germany, but still) we grab our books, our SPF, a blanket and we head to the park for a picnic! The weather is not that hot (oh well, in Germany it never really is), there is a warm breeze, the birds are singing, the trees are all green and fragrant… It’s just lovely! Picnics are also the best excuse to eat deli sandwiches and other treats that we don’t usually eat at home. To be honest, maybe that’s the main reason why we love picnics. Here you have some gourmet picnic ideas if you’d like to see…

mmm… Monday! Walnut cake

This is not a pretty cake. But it tastes sooooo good, so we can say its beauty lies within ;) Paired with a cup of strong coffe it would be perfect for your Monday breakfast. Because of its main ingredients, walnuts and eggs, it’s super nutritious and it will help you to start your week full of energy and joy.


* Writing this post is going to be a challenge… How to explain Feria de Abril to someone who has never been there or doesn’t have a Spanish background? Ok, we’ll try! This Monday starts one of the best weeks of the year in Seville: it’s Feria! Do you know that lots of people think that all the women in the South of Spain dress like a flamenca, and there are horses and toreros everywhere, and everyone drinks and dances and sings all day long? Well, that’s only true this week!!! What started as a livestock fair has turned into a week of casetas, rebujito, sevillanas and jamón. And yes, if you want to visit the Feria, you better learn these words! And you should also follow the advice of my lovely wife who being a Sevillian herself has prepared a nice list of tips for guiris (that means you, foreigners) who want to make the most of this fun and great week.