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Ice cream sandwiches

To say that we love ice cream is an understatement. And what can be better than ice cream between cookies? Nothing, exactly. When I was a child my mother would prepare quite simple but amazing ice cream sandwiches for my birthdays. Instead of birthday cake, we would eat delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiches. I would even blow the candles on a huge ice cream sandwich. It was our tradition. I don’t know why I don’t continue with it any more! So when I read this post last week I remembered that lovely chapter of my childhood and decided that I should share that recipe with you… together with some other yummy versions of this classic but delicious treat.

A very special chicken salad

Today we bring you another healthy but really tasty salad recipe. We got it from one of our favourite cook books, Salad for dinner, by Jeanne Kelley. This salad contains lots of nutrients and it’s full of flavour. It’s delicious served warm, at room temperature or cold.

An exotic menu (sort of)

On Sundays we cook. We spent the morning in the kitchen trying new recipes, getting our hands dirty and having so much fun. Yesterday we put together what felt like a quite exotic menu. At least for us. Well, it had lots of spices and we served it in our pretty japanese dinner service. That’s as exotic as it can be around here ;)


On Saturday something amazing happened: the sun came to say hello and the weather was super nice. So we went picnic! If you follow us on Twitter you’ll probably know that we recently bought the most beautiful picnic basket, so last Saturday she could make her debut! (And probably that was her last appearance this season because the weather is all cloudy again, umpf!) We prepared the most delicious sandwiches, a fruit salad and off we went!

The best salad ever

I’ve always eaten tons of salads. I can say that I’m an expert in everything salad-related. And I swear this is the best salad I’ve ever eaten. It’s perfect for a light lunch with friends but if you have someone coming over, it would make a perfect starter for a Summer dinner too.

Lemon and poppy seeds muffins

Everything started with a naughty breakfast at Starbucks. One morning I was super hungry and heading to what I knew was going to be a loooong booooring meeting. So I decided I needed a naughty breakfast and treated myself to a Latte Macchiato and a Lemon and poppy seeds muffin on my way to that meeting. I never order muffins, I swear, it was just this time. And when I never order muffins I make sure they are chocolaty ;) But that day I was curious and tried the lemon muffin. And I loooooved it. So I knew I had to try it at home!

Our very own DIY Destination Wedding

Three years ago we got married. It truly was the happiest day of my life and since then I’m happier every day. To be honest, I’d never dreamed about my wedding, but as soon as we decided to get married I started to gather information and I became a Wedding machine. I just couldn’t stop. Wedding mode on. Bring it! Invites, dresses, decor, food… I was unstoppable. And I loooooooved it. I know that wedding preparations are stressful for most people, but for me it was paradise: I got plenty of beautiful things to decide, everything was about love, friends, lovely food and being pretty. There was not a hint of stress but a huge amount of excitement!!! In fact, when the wedding was over I was a little bit sad because I wanted to keep preparing things for the wedding. (Inside my head I had this conversation too many times: The wedding is over. Oh. Sad face. Wait! Now comes the honeymoon! Super happy face!! Yeah, but the wedding is over. Sad Face. But …

Roast chicken with lemon and rosemary potatoes

This is a great recipe for a weekend lunch with friends. While preparing it we pictured ourselves sharing it with our dearest friends in our balcony on a sunny day. Sadly our dearest friends are thousands of kilometers away and the weather has been hideous lately (it feels like Autumn again). Super sad face. Anyway, we enjoyed this recipe this weekend all bundled up at home listening to the rain and watching past seasons of Masterchef. Great plan, huh?