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Eggs Benedict

So we made eggs benedict for breakfast this weekend. Or at least we tried. We’re talking about a first here… We had never poached an egg before and, well, let’s say we needed a few attempts, ehem, but we finally got a couple of nice eggs benedict. And they were soooo good!! We chose bacon this time, but they would have been great with slices of smoked salmon too. Maybe next weekend? Here you have our recipe, but I warn you, preparing this dish can be quite stressful. Everything happens at the same time, so you’d better have a partner in crime!

Rainy Sunday Sandwich

Imagine this: Sunday afternoon. It’s raining and you are at home. Autumn is around the corner and you can feel it. You curl up under the blanket on the sofa. Soon you will turn on the heating, but not today, it’s too soon. You have lots of new books to read. And you want something sweet, comforting and naughty. You have gone three times to the gym this week. You deserve it… This is exactly what you need. Our Rainy Sunday Sandwich.

Risotto ai funghi porcini

Autumn may be still a few weeks away, but it has already hit our kitchen. We try to include as much seasonal products as possible in our menus in order to have the best flavors, so we were quite excited to use the first mushrooms of the season. Yesterday we prepared an amazing risotto ai funghi. The recipe is quite simple and admits lots of variations so we can’t recommend it enough!

Our Summer through Instagram

Summer is over. Sad face. In fact, it seemes like it happened years ago. Why is it so easy to get caught up in routine, problems at work and stress in general? I don’t know, but although Summer feels like a dream we have enjoyed every minute of it. Here your have some shots from our Instagram account (@theslowpace) if you’d like to see…

Trattoria Al Pompiere, Verona

Remember we told you that Verona is beautiful and that if you go you should eat at Al Pompiere? Well, if we recommend something is because we truly think is worth a visit! A couple of weeks ago, during our holidays in Italy, we decided to spend a day in this charming town and we ate at Al Pompiere, of course!

La Moraga, Málaga

A couple of weeks ago we spent a few days in Málaga invited by a dearest friend who has a lovely appartment by the sea. This was the third year in a row, so it has become our little Summer tradition. We would wake up and have a nice breakfast in the terrace, put on our swimsuits, grab a thousand of magazines and head to the beach. Then it was all about sunbeds and laughter. At night we would dress up and enjoy the city’s loveliest restaurants. And some ice cream. This year we tried one of the nicest restaurants by the sea that you will find in Málaga. This is our review.

The Patio

Last week we visited one of the coolest spots of Madrid this Summer, The Patio. We have read a lot about this pop up concept store and bar in different webs and magazines, so we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

The island between three continents

Wether you are reading this from your office, your sofa or a nice sunbed in a wonderful beach, I’m sure you will enjoy a little getaway to one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite, lies sensually between three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa and faces the shores of Siria, Turkey and Lebanon. As you can imagine, its geographic proximity to such different cultures has made Cyprus the perfect culture kaleidoscopie.

The best Summer treat

Well, hello there! How are you? We are enjoying our holidays in Spain. It’s super hot here, we love it! Today, we wanted to share with you some lovely ideas to create the best Summer treat: popsicles! They are fun, easy and refreshing, just what we need in Summer! These raspberry and white cherry yogurt pops are perfect: healthy, creamy and sweet. Popsicles are a naughty way to eat fruit, don’t you think? You can have roasted strawberry and toasted coconut popsicles or simple pineapple pops. Totally guilt free. But, you’re on holidays, right? It’s time to have fun and don’t count your calories. So maybe you could go for some rich fudge popsicles or, my favourite and all time classics nutella popsicles. Enjoy! P.S. You can follow us on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Maharani, Bremen

Last Friday we had a lovely dinner in one of our favorite restaurants in Bremen, Maharani. We always doubt about posting recommendations about Bremen, but hey, that’s where we live and who knows? Maybe you happen to visit the town and you don’t know where to eat! Well then, this is the best Indian -Pakistani restaurant in town.