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The easiest Winter bouquet

I don’t know about you but I can’t be more tired of this darkness. We wake up and it’s still dark, we leave the office and it’s dark again. This darkness is depressing and, what is more important: we can’t take pictures of anything… DRAMA! Truth is that we are so, so, tired of Winter already. And we still have a couple of months of cold and darkness ahead. So we have no alternative, we have to make the most of it. For that, we trust in Netflix marathons, candles and good food to cheer us up. However there is one thing that lifts the mood at home instantly: flowers. Every week we buy and play with flowers in order to make our home brighter. I’m not kidding when I say that these colourful bundles are the highlight of our weeks, and the proof is that they are the only thing that makes it to our Instagram feed, (exhibit A, exhibit B) and everyone knows that what we show on Instagram is the best of …

Autumn homemade bouquets

Every Saturday we spend a fair amount of time at the flower market. It’s part of our routine and one of the things we love the most about living in Germany. The flower culture here is fantastic. Every season the flower market changes and it gives us a sense of time and place. When tulips arrive we know Winter is finally coming to an end, cherry blossoms mark Easter, peonies announce Summer and dahlias encourage us to light candles and prepare for the cold temperatures. We love buying lots of flowers on Saturdays and creating our very own arrangements and bouquets. Just as we meal prep on weekends, we love preparing our home for the week ahead. And since Autumn is a time for nesting, we thought we could share three easy but beautiful flower arrangements that you can easily prepare at home. There are lot’s of thing you can use to display your flowers. Vases are an obvious, practical and perfectly fine choice but we love using whatever we have at home to create …

Summer centerpiece

One of the perks of living in Germany is having flowers everywhere. There are thousand florists in every little town, flower markets in almost every square and even the supermarkets sell the cutest bouquets. Since we moved here I buy flowers every week and try to find new ways of arranging them. I thought I could share with you my latest Summer centerpiece, if you’d like to see…

Our very own DIY Destination wedding: the details.

Hello!!! We hope you’re having a good week!!! Today we want to share with you some new tips to organize your very own DIY destination wedding. We will talk about decor, dresses, favors and partying. On Tuesday we talked about choosing the right destination, hiring the best venue and some other big decisions. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today is all about details!

In my suitcase: shorts

So, we already have the perfect white dress and the perfect sandals… Let’s add another key item in our Summer suitcase: the perfect shorts. Lately I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers wear Romwe clothes. I’ve never visited this web, so I thought it would be nice to look for my shorts there and see what they’ve got.


Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts! We’ve been working like crazy! This weekend we’re staying at home, just relaxing. Today maybe we go for a walk… but that would be all. We have to recharge our batteries because next week we are going to make an amazing trip! We’re so looking forward to it!