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Weekend style icons: Adenorah

Friday means inspiration and today we are travelling to France in search of the perfect French chic. Adenorah comes from Biarritz but lives in Paris. Both places reflect the laid back yet elegant essence of the French allure and this girl manages to gather all those influences in modern, minamilistic and really cool outfits.

Weekend Style Icons: Danielle

Hello there! How is your week going? We are exhausted… and I’ll be working long hours today and Saturday night! Sigh! Anyway! For all of you who will be enjoying free time, long Autumn walks and brunch with friends this weekend, here you have your weekly dose of casual inspiration. Today I’m super excited because I just LOVE the style of Danielle, our style icon this weekend. Her blog WEWOREWHAT is a compilation of simply stunning looks. We’ve put together a pretty cool selection of them. Disclaimer: picture overload!

Weekend style icons: Madeleine

Hi everyone! Today I’m super excited to share with you one of my new discoveries! Let me introduce you to Madeleine from DariaDaria! I absolutely love her style! She is super down to earth, nice and friendly. I don’t know why I haven’t found out about her blog before! Last weekend I spent hours browsing through her posts and I’m kind of obssesed with her style now!

Weekend style icons: Alexandra

Hi there! It’s Friday! Yay! After fighting a terrible cold during this week, we will be able to finally spend the weekend in pijamas, under the blankets and drinking tea and soup. What a plan, huh? Anyway! We didn’t want to let you without your dose of inspiration for your weekend looks. Today we bring you Alexandra, from the blog Lovely Pepa. Her style has evolved surprisingly over the last couple of years. Now she dresses like a real fashonista, although she mostly wears high street brands. We love her versatile approach to fashion and her cute dog, obviously. But let’s focus on her style. Here you have some nice inspiration for this weekend’s transitioning weather.

Fashion role models

Some days ago I was reading this paragraph in Closer, the second book of Scott Schumann, The sartorialist, where the author talks about fashion role models. He explains how we should find style icons or style references with a similar body shape to ours. It totally makes sense: that way we can get inspired by the cuts, fabrics and pieces he/she uses to emphasize his/her body shape in order to look at his/her best. So I started thinking about it (and I’m still thinking about it today). Is there any famous actress/celebrity/singer/anyone with a body shape that I can identify with? (Please notice that I’ve avoided the models, because, well, they are like unicorns, beautiful unique creatures not like us mortals). The truth is that I haven’t found it… I’m quite small and weigh five kilos more than I should. But I don’t consider myself fat. I can easily find clothes that fit in every store, they just don’t look as good as they look on skinnier taller girls. In a world where all the …

Weekend style icons: Blair

Hello there! Time for our little Friday talk! How was your week? Mine was not so nice. Lately it’s all I can say but, well, it’s true. Anyway, the weekend is finally here and we have a very busy schedule: we have to organize our closet. Yeah… such fun. But no, we really need it. It’s time to grab our sweaters and coats again and say goodbye to dresses and shorts. We are even going to IKEA to buy some nice boxes and all those little items they have to create the perfect flawless closet. Let’s see what we can do… and I really enjoy having a clean tidy home so I’m looking forward to it! Back to our weekly Friday inspiration! This weekend we are loving Blair’s style. She is the epitome of polished, classic American, hey-there-Jackie-O meets I-miss-Audrey-Hepburn style. She masters formal chic outfits, but we have found a truly fantastic inspiration in her most casual looks. Do you want to have a look?

Weekend style icons: Mode D’amour

Hey there! It’s Friday! Yay! This week has been really hard for both of us so tonight we will be hitting the sofa like there’s no tomorrow. What about you? Any nice plans for the weekend? Anyway! Once more, we start the weekend with one of our style icons, a girl that inspire us and amazed us with her lovely minimalistic style and her monochromatic looks. While preparing this post I was thinking how much my taste has changed over the years. When my blogaddiction started I was obssesed with Frech bloggers: they were so cute, chic and adorable… Then I started following the Italian team. So vibrant, joyfull and full of energy. But I have realized that my neighbours, the Dutch girls, are my favourite right now. In this section we have alredy featured four of them! (click, click, click, click). And here we have one more: Mode D’amour!