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Maje Fall / Winter 2014

I’m back from holidays so it means it’s Autumn for me. I don’t care if we have almost a Summer month left. I have my eyes on September and I’m getting ready for it. Actually it’s a matter of survival: if I don’t think about Autumn I’m going to be depressed because everyone is still on holidays and I’m stuck at work. So! Let’s start reviewing Autumn collections! Maje is one of my favourite brands and I’m always looking forward their new collections. A friend of mine once said that they offer always the same pieces, different takes on basics and plain colours but… That’s exactly why I love it! They do wearable. And wearable is what I want.

Autumn Wanderlust Wish List

This season we are going to be really busy. Work and new personal projects will make our lifes a little bit complicated but, as usual, we will try to squeeze some trips in our schedule. Life without those little getaways would be unbereable for us! This is our Autumn Wanderlust Wish List… some of the destinations are more realistic that others, but, hey, a girl can dream, right?


If you follow us, you will know by now that Maje is one of our favourite brands. Remember that yesterday we told you that we made some serious damage hitting the sales? Well, it was all Maje. We couldn’t help but have a look at the new collection, because let’s face it: when we go back to Germany next week it will be Autumn already! Sigh! Of course we loved the new collection. Grunge is back! I feel in high school again! Here you have some of our favourite pieces.

Fall wish list

This year we’ve decided to save a bit, so this Fall wish list is quite realistic. We need some slippers. Topshop would do the trick. A nice polka dot shirt. This one is from Marc O’Polo, a nice brand that we discovered here, in Germany. It has a natural, simple and tomboyish style. Opi’s Danke- Shiny Red. Just because. Palermo Bag by Jill Stuart. Well, this should be a little bit expensive, but it is beautiful isn’t it?