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Our favourite hotels in Europe (and 2 tips to book wonderful stays)

When we were preparing this post we both have discussed a lot. Which hotel would we recommend as our favourite? We have stayed in all kinds of wonderful resorts and boutique hotels. However, they all have something in common: the attention to detail and the relaxed atmosphere. Some hotels have the best locations, others have the best breakfasts, others have an amazing sense of place… But the ultimate question to choose our favourite hotel was: if our very best friends were to visit just one hotel for their holidays forever, which one will we recommend? Here you have the result followed by the only two tips you need to book wonderful stays: Our favourite mountain retreat: Rosa Petra Spa Resort: this boutique hotel is absolutely perfect. The rooms, the breakfast, the location, the spa, the restaurant, the views, the staff… Everything is flawless. We go back every year before Christmas and the experience is always wonderful, it’s a little piece of heaven on Earth. This has to be our favourite hotel in the world. Read …

This Christmas…

We would love to… Have cup of hot chocolate in Angelina Paris and then go for a long afternoon walk in Montmartre. Skate along the frozen Dutch canals in Kinderdijk. Experience an authentic Winter wonderland dream in Putevny, Czech Republic. Indulge to high tea in London (at the Claridge’s, if posible). Ski in Switzerland (that means watch other people skiing while we sip a hot chocolate mocktail in a cosy wooden cabin). Wander through the almost deserted alleys in Venice. Observe the Northern lights in Lapland. Go Christmas shopping in Copenhagen. Take my mum to Scotland for a whiskey tasting. Visit all the traditional cafes in Vienna and eat lots of Dobos Torte… or escape from the cold weather and head to the Canary Islands. A girl can dream! Do you have any travel dreams for this Christmas? Picture via Pinterest.

A charming Summer: Sirolo

Europe is a small continent that has a lot to offer. From ancient cities to postcard perfect beaches, there’s something for everyone. If you follow us by now you should know that we love discovering new corners of our continent. That is why we want to share with you seven beautiful destinations to explore the most charming Europe. This is the first installment of a new series: a charming Summer. We will show you enchanting little towns, small boutique hotels and delicious local restaurants.


We hate choosing a travel destination… It’s always so painful!! There are so many nice places we want to visit that choosing just one is really hard for us!! We want to plan a relaxing long weekend in May but we just can’t decide where to go! We live in the north of Germany and that makes a warm destination very difficult to find… flight conexions are awful here! Do your have any suggestions? Can anyone out there help us?


We love airports and we love discovering new ones. The long waiting hours are shorter if the airport has nice shops, nice waiting lounges, nice restaurants… My favorite airports are Amsterdam Schiphol and T4 Madrid Barajas. Tokyo Narita International Airport is very nice too. I absolutely love buying beauty products in every airport, so my favorite airports are the ones with a huge selection of beauty brands and products :-) Last Friday we spent three hours waiting in Frankfurt Airport and I didn’t like it at all. It was chaotic, not very clean and the shops were disappointing. Well, to be honest we ate a wonderful sandwich at Meyer Feinkost. Which are your favorite airports? Image source unknown, sorry!