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Nude nails

This Spring I’m changing a little bit my nail game. While I always gravitate towards bright pinks and corals during these (slightly) warmer months, I can’t get enough of nude shades lately. In my mind nudes used to equal classic French Manicure, which I’m not a fan of. But now I believe that a nice matte nude can be quite a statement. It all started with Essie Marshmallow, a warm white with pink undertones, and Essie Sugar Daddy, the ultimate ballerina pink. I just love how they make my hands look clean and polish. After that I wanted to try a soft light brown/ caramel -ish nude and I found Maybelline Color Show in Latte. I have to confess that I went for Maybelline because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a color I didn’t know I’d like, but to be honest, the quality of the formula is pretty good and I love the shade, so I repurchased it instead of looking for a more expensive brand, though the packaging could use some improvement. Finally, …

In my suitcase: Holiday make up

Tomorrow we are flying back home for Christmas and we couldn’t be more excited. Our suitcases are almost finished, the only thing that we haven’t prepared is our make up bag. Here you have some products that we are taking with us… and some others that we wish we could add last minute to look our best this Christmas: 1. Adult Content Blush Palette by NARS. This is a limited edition with the four iconic NARS blush and highlighting blush shades. I’m hoping to get hold of it in Spain, since they don’t sell NARS products here. 2. Le Teint Touche Èclat: my favourite foundation to achieve glowing skin. 3. No 7 Skin Illuminator Fluid: perfect to add that extra yet subtle glow without being too shimmery. 4. Ombres Matelassées: limited edition eyeshadow palette by Chanel with the most beautiful colours to get several effects, from the glamourous shimmer to the matte finish. This is what I’ll be looking for at the duty free tomorrow! 5. The Porefessional by Benefit. I use it every day. …

Summer nails

I hate nail art. I know it’s something that everyone is loving nowadays, but I hate it. I find it a little bit tacky and for someone like me, who just likes red, pink and coral shades in her nails, it’s just too much. Even though I’m quite classic when it comes to my nails, in Summer I go a little bit crazier, just like everyone else, and go for brighter shades and I even love a little bit of dark blue on my toes. These are my favourite nail polishes for Summer, if you’d like to see.