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Autumn table

While we can’t stop thinking about Christmas, we know we should stick to the present and enjoy what is left from Autumn. We’ve been having the most amazing weather lately: cold crispy air and bright blue skies. This year Autumn is more beautiful than ever! And to celebrate that, we’ve prepared a lovely but very simple Autumn table to inspire you. Gather a couple of friends and enjoy a cosy lunch at home!

Xmas series: what couples want

Today we want to give you some ideas to get the perfect present for those lovely couples in your life. Sometimes two of your friends or two of your family members come as a pack: your cousin and his lovely girlfriend, those friends who are together since the beginning of times, your parents… Why not giving them a present that suits both of them? 1 & 2: two lovely sweaters for those cosy afternoons they love to spend at their favourite cafe. You can get these at The Kooples. 3 & 4: music or DVD box sets. Which couple doesn’t like cuddling up in the sofa while enjoying their favourite music or film? You can go for the classics: Beatles or James Bond. 5 & 6: Cooking and travelling together are the most popular hobbies for couples, so these books would be a great gift. Yesterday we shared a recipe of this book,Nigella Express, so you already know that we love it. And every traveller or foodie couple would love this book. And since couples …

Summer centerpiece

One of the perks of living in Germany is having flowers everywhere. There are thousand florists in every little town, flower markets in almost every square and even the supermarkets sell the cutest bouquets. Since we moved here I buy flowers every week and try to find new ways of arranging them. I thought I could share with you my latest Summer centerpiece, if you’d like to see…