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Last day in Dublin

It all started with a great breakfast. We were lucky enough to enjoy it al fresco, whoever was in charge of the weather in Dublin last weekend was good to us. With happy bellies and sleppy eyes we started our day long walk around Dublin. Yes, we spent the day walking. Again. But in my opinion that’s the best thing to do when you haven’t seen your friends for a while and you have a nice city to discover: just walk and talk. And that’s what we did.

Dublin diary: friends, design shops, parks and amazing pizzas

Last weekend we visited our friends T. and G. in Dublin and we had the BEST time. The weather was fantastic (bearing in mind it was October and Dublin), the company couldn’t have been funnier and the city was amazing. We visited Dublin a couple of years ago and we have to admit that back then we didn’t really liked it. But this time we really loved it and enjoyed it. We shared with you some pics via instagram (@theslowpace) but we thought we could show you a little bit more about our Irish experience, which involved a fair amount of cocktails, long walks, great conversations and hipster pizzas.

Travelling light. Tips and paranoia.

I’m terrible at packing. I love travelling and I love organazing, but packing is something that goes beyond my organization skills. I blame the weather: there are so many pieces of my wardrobe that I just can’t wear here, that every time I travel I need to take them with me and show them around. It’s my only chance! I also have to admit that I’m a little bit paranoic and anxious so I just can’t help but thinking about all the possible scenarios. What if? Yep. That’s the infamous question. As you read this we will be travelling to Dublin (yaaaay!!!) taking just one trolley with us. Each. I mean, one trolley for two people… that’s not even possible, right? We are only staying for the weekend so I’ve tried my best to stop thinking about possible indian summers, floods, sudden invitations to an Embassy or unexpected trips to the spa (just to name a few of the things that come to my mind when packing). I think this time I got it right. …


We love airports and we love discovering new ones. The long waiting hours are shorter if the airport has nice shops, nice waiting lounges, nice restaurants… My favorite airports are Amsterdam Schiphol and T4 Madrid Barajas. Tokyo Narita International Airport is very nice too. I absolutely love buying beauty products in every airport, so my favorite airports are the ones with a huge selection of beauty brands and products :-) Last Friday we spent three hours waiting in Frankfurt Airport and I didn’t like it at all. It was chaotic, not very clean and the shops were disappointing. Well, to be honest we ate a wonderful sandwich at Meyer Feinkost. Which are your favorite airports? Image source unknown, sorry!