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Seville’s top five

No, we are not going to talk about the top five museums, top five landmarks or top five churches. We could do it… but you know we are all about pure hedonistic fun.  So here you have out top five picks to enjoy life at its best in Seville: 1. The Ginger experience at Aire de Sevilla, one of the best spas in town. 2. Two scoops of ice cream at La Fiorentina. Mix the acidic vinegar ice cream with the sweetness of the strawberry ice cream. Or go for the sinful, rich chocolate ice cream and pair it with the heavenly light Vatican Cream. Look for the contrasts. And if in doubt, try the refreshing mint sorbet. 3. Hipster tapas at Alameda. Because this area has undergone one of the most significant renovations in the city, because there’s no way you can leave without trying Solomillo al Whisky and because you’ll see the best tattoos in Seville.  Plus the coolest bycicles. If you want to brag in Instagram, this is your place. 4. A few …

November favorites

November is usually a silly month for us. After an October full of birthdays and just before the Christmas madness, November just sits there, in the middle, with no expectations. It has been a bittersweet month but we’ve tried to make the most of it. We’ve travelled, we’ve drunk an unexpectedly high amount of cups of tea (hence the first picture) and we’ve worked a lot.

Flavoured ice cubes

Summer kicks off this weekend! Finally! The days are super long and call for cocktails on the terrace, don’t they? We want something delicious and fresh. Just like these flavoured ice cubes! here you have five easy peasy recipes to dress up your drinks this Summer. 1. Chai tea ice cubes: add fresh milk and you’ll have a spicy treat perfect for unusual breakfasts. 2. Melon ice cubes: try different types of melon or just choose one type. Either way, they are the perfect company for sparkling water. 3. Lime and mint ice cubes: did I hear Mojito? These ice cubes hide the quintessence of Summer. 4. Lemon ice cubes: your go-to recipe. When life gives you lemons… 5. Floral ice cubes: this is exactly what you need to suprise your guests. Fancy yet adorable.  

Moodboard: Algarve

  One year ago, we enjoyed a relaxing long weekend in Algarve, South Portugal, and today we wanted to recall the experience through our moodboard. May seems the perfect month to walk along the peaceful and beautiful beaches, eat the exquisite fresh food, and of course discover the charming small towns. We will definitely come back!  

Moodboard: Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities that grows on you. Charming, decadent and melancholic. This week we dedicate our moodboard to Lisbon’s miradoiros, steep streets and tiled facades. Long conversations overlooking the river at Miradouro Santa Catarina. A glass of wine in Bairro Alto. A morning wandering through the corridors of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. A night of Fado in Alfama. And of course, some Pastéis de Belém.