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Moodboard: Malta

So we have the nice weather, we have the swimsuit… now we need the destination. And after a not very nice experience this weekend in the North Sea, we’ve decided to focus again in the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s be honest: it’s the best place in the world. The weather, the landscapes, the food… Each country has such a huge cultural background that is almost imposible not to fall in love with the Mediterranean diversity and charm. Fantasizing about new destinations we came across some gorgeous images of Malta. How come have we never thought about this small country surrounded by the sea?

SP34 hotel, Copenhagen

Any visit to Copenhagen should be focus on design, excellent food and long walks or bike rides. The city has a smart casual code, is friendly yet sophisticated, open but walkable… it’s simply one of those places that makes you fall in love and think about how real life would be living there. But since travel is phantasizing, you should look for an accommodation that gives you that illusion, that makes you feel like a local in the know, that exudes the personality of the city where it’s located.  Hotel SP34 provides that experience. It will make you believe that you are one of those young, tall, smart, total black outfit wearers, cool bike Danish riders.

Eiger Gallery

A few weeks ago we met our friend Alba at the London Design Museum cafeteria.  After a cup of coffee (properly instagrammed here) and a little bit of chit chat, she introduced us to her new project. Alba is quite the creative type, so we expected something original, unique. And she didin’t disappoint. Together with Terence Woodgate, designer of lighting and furniture, Alba Bayona is taking jewellery to the next level.

7 travel destinations for design lovers

  1. Barcelona One name: Gaudí. His work is admired by architects around the world as being one of the most unique and distinctive architectural styles. His work has greatly influenced the face of Barcelona architecture and you will see stunning examples of Gaudí’s work all around the city centre. 2. New York One area: the meat packing district. Design-forward restaurants, bars, clothing boutiques, galleries, and artists’ residences in a neighborhood formerly known for its meat warehouses. 3. Berlin One place: The Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design collects art pieces, items, documents and literature which relate to the Bauhaus School (1919–1933), one of the most influential schools of architecture, design, and art of the 20th century. 4. Paris One sight: the futuristic skyscraper business district known as La Défense.  Plans have been approved for the Hermitage Towers — a project designed by British architect Norman Foster. When finished, these twin towers will be the tallest skyscrapers in Europe. 5. Marrakech One garden:  Jardin Marjorelle. The garden is named after its creator, Jacques Majorelle, a French born artist …

Grace Hotel Santorini with Mediteranique

Second stop in our trip around the Mediterranean Sea with Mediteranique! Mediteranique offers a great choice of boutique hotels in Greece, but today we daydream about one of the most fantastic destinations of that wonderful country: Santorini. Even though we have visited Greece a couple of times, we never got to visit this tiny Aegean Island, which claims to have the best sunsets of the Mediterranean. So let’s imagine our perfect getaway to Santorini at the Grace Hotel…

Vika Gazinskaya for & Other Stories

& Other Stories has partnered up with Moscow-based designer Vika Gazinskaya to create an incredibly sweet collection that I just love. The cuts are perfect and the prints are just charming. I would buy every single piece. I’m not exaggerating, I mean it! How adorable are that shirt and that skirt?

Xmas series: what the gentlemen want

This is a guift guide for the gentlemen in our lives. Dads, grandfathers, brothers or husbands. Those men who are elegant and charming. They would like something sober, tasteful but practical. Here you have some ideas: 1. Gentlemen are elegant. That’s a fact. So you can surprise your gentleman with a lovely wool jacket with a slim modern cut. This one has the classic British touch. 2. The most amazing men fragance. A mix of grapefruit, pepper, geranium, vetiver, patchouli, pepper and grapefruit notes. It’s a clean and classy scent. 3. Harrods tangerine marmalade with orange liqueur. For a refined palate and slow paced breakfasts. 4. Penguin or reindeer wine racks designed by award winning desingner Choi Jinyoung of Conte Bleu. A perfect gift for a wine lover or as a main piece for the gentleman’s perfect bar cart. 5. Made to order personalised square map location cufflinks. Gentlemen always wear cufflinks and these ones can capture those cherished locations that hold an extra special memory. 6. For those who love photography, the Brixton camera …

The American design hotel challenge: North vs. South

Today we want to show you two amazing hotels which are placed in the two opposite sides of the American continent. The incredible Fogo Island Inn, placed in a remote island off the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, Canada, and the amazing Fasano Hotel located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in South America. North vs. South… two beautiful stylish design hotels. Who wins?