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Madrid: drinks in style

Madrid is one of the coolest cities of Europe. Maybe it’s not as obvious as Barcelona or Rotterdam… but its has a great cultural scene and super friendly vibes. New bars open every day in spite of the financial situation. Because Madrid wants to have fun. Always.  So if you want to discover the coolest new spots in town to grab a bite and have a drink in style, keep reading.

JCrew… again.

And they’ve done it again. A gorgeous collection that just makes us want to forget any other brand and wear only JCrew. Always and forever. Ok, fine… maybe we are exaggerating a little bit but those looks? Stunning! For once, we are really happy about the crappy German weather. We can wear Autumn clothes again! And, according to JCrew, they will be grey. How cool are those bermudas? (And that’s a sentence I never thought I would say….)

Weekend style icons: Pernille

A couple of days ago we were talking about how much we love Copenhagen. Well, not only we love the city, but also the Danish style (and pastries, but that’s a theme for a mmm… Monday post). Pernille lives in Copenhagen and it’s the kind of stylish woman that we admire while wandering the streets of that beautiful city. Her sweet face and her casual looks are our inspiration for the weekend.