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Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Last week we told you that we were obsessed with Madeleine Shaw and, well, this post proves that we were not lying. Here you have another delicious recipe from her book Ready, Steady, Glow. And yes, it’s another dessert/snack. What can I say? I have a sweet tooth and every time we purchase a new cookbook I tend to start trying out recipes with the dessert chapter… Even if it’s a healthy/ clean eating kind of book. If there’s something sweet in it, I will go for that first. It happened with this book as well (Killer salted caramel brownies, by the way). This recipe is fantastic because you can prepare a couple of batches of mouth watering, soft, chocolatey cookies in no time. Since you will be using rice flour and coconut sugar, the glycemic index will be lower and, therefore, you won’t get that sugar coma feeling. At least not if you eat just one or two. If you eat them all in one sitting (which can happen because these cookies are utterly …

Christmas cookies

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at home, listening to Christmas carrols and baking cookies. That is, we had the perfect Advent Sunday. After the first batch of these amazing soft, gooey cookies the house smellt beautifully, I was reading on the sofa, the two people that I love the most where at home with me, safe, comfortable and without a care in the world. These are feel good – be thankful – enjoy the little moments of happiness and quiet cookies. Keep on reading to discover the recipe!

Salted Nutella peanut butter cookies

This weekend I felt like baking and we had some Nutella and peanut butter leftovers so I prepared these wonderful cookies, the perfect mix between sweet and salty!  I must admit that I don’t like peanut butter but it really is a great base ingredient for these cookies. It makes them chewy, sticky and adds a great texture. These cookies combine perfectly the crunchy salty peanut butter flavour with the smooth comforting sweetness of the Nutella.


I’m tired of Winter. I know, I speak a lot about weather lately but March and still snowing? Oh Please! Where’s the global warming? Anyway, it seems like this weekend we’ll stay at home watching tv series under a blanket, packing for our holidays next week and, who knows? Maybe I’ll go crazy and bake some cookies ;) What about you? Nice plans? I hope so! Have a lovely weekend! Image USA. New York City. 1974. (C) Elliott Erwitt/MAGNUM PHOTOS


Barcomi’s Deli is a great place. Comfortable, relaxed and placed in one of the nicest areas of Berlin. I would go there to enjoy brunch with friends, to have a quiet afternoon alone with magazines, a cup of coffee and a cookie, or to grab a bite after a long day of shopping. The food is delicious: bagels, sandwiches, soups and salads. And the cookies and cakes are to die for! This time we chose bagels: the NY Special and the Parma Ham. The NY Special had salmon, cream cheese, tomato and quite a lot of onion but it was almost sweet and very mild, so the mixture was delicious! The Parma Ham was in fact a sandwich, but I asked if I could have it in a bagel instead, and there was no problem. It had Parma ham, of course, tomato and rocket. Simple but really nice! And the bagels were spectacular: fresh, soft, warm and tasty.