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Reiss SS2015

So this year it looks like we won’t have a proper Spring. And frankly, we have no hopes for Summer. Let’s say we will go from Winter to Autumn and back to Winter. That’s why we hate all those shops with white dresses, embellished sandals and bikinis in every corner. This is Germany. We don’t need that! What we do need is a transitional wardrobe that can look a little bit Summery while helping us coping with cold mornings and the occasional rain showers. Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect collection for us, poor Northern Europe inhabitants! (#firstworldproblems, I know)

Anine Bing

We discovered Anine Bing thanks to those famous boots that were everywhere some months ago. But it was recently when we found out about the gorgeous collection that she has presented for this season. To be honest, it kind of reminds me to Isabel Marant, but with a laid-back American twist and a monochromatic Nordic touch. I love it!

Emerson Fry

The girl in the Emerson Fry Lookbook should be me. Yep. That picture you see? That should be on my IG feed with the hashtag “packing”. And that should be my travelling outfit for when I go to any Mediterranean island to spend my holydays. But there is more…


We first saw the images of this campaign on Pinterest and we loved them right away. This collection is quite basic but that’s why it’s so versatile and amazing! We have to say that Madewell has done a great job with the campaign. Erin Wasson looks incredible, the setting is perfect and the finish product is absolutely aspirational. We want to be cool, sexy tomboys!

Valentino Pre-Fall 2014

Ok, let’s be honest, this is more a “we dream about this!”, than a “we need this!”, though we love it so much that you can say that we really need it. Anyway! I’m talking about the Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Everything in these pictures is so wearable, so lovely, so comfy yet luxurious… We love it/need it/ daydream about it! More images after the jump!

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014

This is LOVE at first sight. I want need every single piece of Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2014 collection. describes it as Tomboy Glamour and I couldn’t agree more. The camel coats, the tailored pants, the rich fabrics, the subtle yet strong colours, the flats… I know that nothing particularly innovative but I’m in love! Come and see more images after the jump!

Soon in Zara

Now that the fashion month is over, we can imagine what we will find in the high street shops next Summer. I think (and hope) that Zara will be “inspired” by the last Ferreti collection presented in Milan a couple of weeks ago. I’ve seen other gorgeous collections that I’ve loved, but I think that after a grey Winter I would be more than happy to see those white fabrics, vibrant prints and colourful flowers hanging in my closet. Don’t you think this collection is really a sitting duck for Zara’s designers? Oh, and I can see all the fashion bloggers going crazy for those cropped shirts!


If you follow us, you will know by now that Maje is one of our favourite brands. Remember that yesterday we told you that we made some serious damage hitting the sales? Well, it was all Maje. We couldn’t help but have a look at the new collection, because let’s face it: when we go back to Germany next week it will be Autumn already! Sigh! Of course we loved the new collection. Grunge is back! I feel in high school again! Here you have some of our favourite pieces.