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Harbour coffee

Even though we enjoy terrible weather during the whole year, the start of this new seasons makes us longing for proper cold mornings and rainy afternoons in little cafés. Cue Harbour Coffee. The older we get, the more we love coffee. And since we live in one of the European capitals of coffee (Did you know that decaf coffee was invented in Bremen?) you might think we’ve drunk the most amazing coffee during the past six years. But the truth is that we’ve suffered terrible cups of dirty water called coffee. However, there’s a new and improved food and coffee scene in Bremen and one of our favourite new places is this tiny cafe, Harbour coffee. Located in a side street where you can find lots of interior design shops (a stop in HAY after coffee is a must), this black and white, minimal, maritime inspired, cute cafe has been a surprise for all of us who love a great cup of coffee. The flat white is the best in town and the latte macchiato, …

Yellow bird coffee

We love breakfasts and since we moved to Bremen, finding the best breakfast in town has been one of our hobbies. Honestly, there’s not much you can do in this little town, but the breakfast scene is getting quite good.  In fact, breakfast in Germany is really special. Maybe the terrible weather is the reason why so many people get together for a nice breakfast out instead of dinner but meeting for breakfast is really popular and most restaurants, bakeries and cafés offer different options and usually booking a table is necessary. We discovered The Yellow Bird coffee, a hipster style, Instagrammable goldmine café at the beginning of the Summer and we’ve been going back almost every weekend. The coffee is spectacular, the atmosphere is lovely and the breakfast options are healthy-ish and absolutely delicious. Plus, we finally have avocado on toast in Bremen!! Yes, I know, that’s so 2015 but hey, the trend just arrived to Bremen. We doubted about sharing this place in the blog for a while, but we realized that if …

The best coffee in Hamburg

With that beautiful faded light in the mornings and the first orange leaves in the trees, Autumn is slowly but surely making its way into our lives. Since this year we’ve had a few days of Summer with proper high temperatures and crazy humidity, we are looking forward to the new season, which by the way has always been my favourite. It’s the best time of the year for that slow life we love so much: candles, blankets, crispy air, rosy cheeks and afternoons in lovely cafes sipping warm, comforting lattes. We happen to live near one of the best cities to sip coffee: Hamburg. With its huge port, its lovely classic city center, the most amazing shops and that cold North Sea air that blows strongly, Hamburg is our favourite destination for a Saturday of shopping and coffee. Here you have our favourite coffee addict addresses: Coffee Table Mags (Wexstraße 28): we discovered this place on Instagram, because the owner posts the most beautiful images: wooden tables, unique magazines and coffee, that is, heaven. …

A day in Copenhagen

Our day started early with unexpected heavy rain and furious wind. We dedicated a couple of hours to sip our coffee and read. Lazily we decided to get out, even though the weather was not promising. However, the idea of a whole day lost in the streets of Copenhagen was appealing, in spite of the weather, any weather.

Butter biscuits

Autumn is officially baking season and since I’ve been quite obsessed with biscuits lately, yesterday I decided to spent the morning baking some nice classic butter biscuits. There’s nothing better than a sunny cold Sunday morning in the kitchen. Well, maybe a sunny cold Sunday afternoon on your sofa with a blanket, a cup of coffee and some one bite butter biscuits.

Those little things

When we travel we love doing this that we think locals would do. We know we are tourists, don’t get me wrong. We have no problem with that word. We’re not travellers, though we wish we were! We have a lovely life to escape from and go back to. We spend days daydreaming about leaving to new destinations, but then we really enjoy being at home. It’s just that we love mingling with the locals and pretending that we live in the places we visit. In the end, travelling is fantasizing, no? Here’s a list of those little things that we love doing while travelling to fool ourselves and pretend we actually are locals:

Adolfo Domínguez Coffee Lounge

Hi there! Today we bring you our last post about Madrid. Every time we visit the city our friends help us discover amazing new places that make us miss Madrid even more. If you are looking for a different place to have coffee with a friend, in a relaxed but fashionable atmosphere, you should pay a visit to the coffee lounge in the upper floor of the flagship store of the Spanish brand Adolfo Dominguez. It’s perfect to have a rest while shopping your sales or have a quiet conversation!

Madrid: Two plans and a hot beverage

One of our favourite indoors activities in Winter is drinking a hot beverage while having a nice conversation, that is, planning a new trip or daydreaming about it. If we do it on a Sunday afternoon in a nice cafe and the moment includes a sweet treat, the joy is inmense. Last holidays we experience this happy moment twice, in two nice little places in Madrid, and we though you may want to hear about them…