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Chocolate chip blondies

We tried this recipe a couple of weeks ago in an attempt of improving our office coffee break game. We weren’t very sure but the result surprised us so much that we’ve already cooked more than two batches in the last few days. These vegan (well, that’s optional), light blondies are surprisingly good. They might not look like much, but they are addictive! First it was gluten, then sugar and now comes the palm oil. The supermarket is full of cancer threats and since I’m a hopeless hypochondriac I’ve been trying to bake our very own, healthy (ish) treats for a while now like these almond bites, this coconut vanilla cake or these coconut chocolate bars. Notice a pattern? Coconut. And for this recipe we also used a lot of coconut based ingredients. Coconut sugar, which is great if you want to cut off refined sugar, and coconut butter, which we found a little bit hard to work with (you can always use normal butter to make things easier). Tip: work the dough with your hands and a …

Coconut and vanilla cake

This is my favourite time of the year. Advent in Germany is glorious. The otherwise dark afternoons are now full of twinkling lights, poffertjes scent and happy people drinking Glühwein at the Christmas market. Since we have already watched Love, actually there is only one thing to do until Christmas: bake, bake, bake! This recipe is our take on a coconut loaf from this book. You see,  I got a cookbook focused on vegetables for my bithday but all I’ve tried so far are a couple of dessert recipes. These amazing salted caramel chocolate brownies, for instance. So me. However, my intentions are good:  we try to eat healthy most of the time… that’s why I’m munching on spicy kale chips while writing this post and we used coconut sugar instead of refined sugar for this recipe.  If only to spread a good amount of Nutella over this delicious cake afterwards, though. This cake has lots of perks: the ground almonds, spelt flour and coconut sugar make it lighter and easier to digest, the preparation …

Coconut chocolate bars

The combination of coconut and dark chocolate is one of our favourites. It’s quite strong but it’s oh so delicious! We were determined to develop our very own coconut and dark chocolate bars but we couldn’t get them right. I think it has taken more than a year to make this recipe perfect, but finally, here it is: our homemade Bounty bars!