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Christmas milk punch

After three very busy weekends, we finally got to spend a nice peaceful weekend at home. We wanted to light candles, watch House of Cards and eat tons of chocolate. Not only did we do all that, but we also tried a new cocktail recipe. It was creamy, sweet and Christmassy. Just what we needed to curl up under the blanket and relax.

Two Summer cocktails

Last week we showed you our bar cart and today we have prepared two delicious Summer cocktails for you: a watermelon mojito and a strawberry bite. One has alcohol, the other does not. But both of them are perfect for hot days. And they have fruit, so they are kind of healthy ;)

Have a fun weekend!

Life is difficult sometimes. It gets sad. But it’s beautiful too, so we should celebrate the small pleasures and enjoy the moment! I wish you all a fun weekend: drink some cocktails, meet your friends, dance a little bit… Live, smile and love! PS: and if you want, follow us on Bloglovin and Facebook ;) Image via There goes the cupcake