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Max Mara coats

A couple of weeks ago we made a terrible mistake. We spent an hour in the Max Mara shop in Hamburg. Bad. Very bad. We were looking for our beloved Rialto Coat, you know, just for fun. We wanted to try it on, secretly hoping it wouldn’t fit because, frankly, i’ts quite expensive. But a whole new world of exquisite coats appeared in front of our eyes. Delightfully soft fabrics, flawless cuts, superb yet sober design… Lots of coats to add to our wish lists. See? Bad, very very bad idea.

Maje Fall / Winter 2014

I’m back from holidays so it means it’s Autumn for me. I don’t care if we have almost a Summer month left. I have my eyes on September and I’m getting ready for it. Actually it’s a matter of survival: if I don’t think about Autumn I’m going to be depressed because everyone is still on holidays and I’m stuck at work. So! Let’s start reviewing Autumn collections! Maje is one of my favourite brands and I’m always looking forward their new collections. A friend of mine once said that they offer always the same pieces, different takes on basics and plain colours but… That’s exactly why I love it! They do wearable. And wearable is what I want.

Carven Summer 2014

Carven is one of those brands that always surprise us. It has a very strong personality but it’s kind of sweet at the same time. Their pieces don’t follow trends, they are special. In a world where we see the same things over and over again, Carven represents uniqueness.

The soft and warm furry coat

I love furry coats but they are not made for me. I’m too small and too curvy to look good on them. But they are so sof and warm and… soft! I need one! I want one! This cute number is from Hoss Intropia and it couldn’t be lovelier. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality of this brands’ items is always outstanding. I think this could be the one for me. And as their slogan says… When the weather outside is frightful, wrap up in a coat that’s delightful! ;) PS: this one would do the trick too… You can follow us on Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you! And we are on Pinterest too!