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We need this! Malmo bag

It’s been a while since we felt the urge to buy something. Of course we feel really tempted by the Spring Summer collections that are starting to appear in our inbox (exhibit A, B & C) but we haven’t felt that urge, that itchy feeling in our wallets for a while. Then, we found out about the bag that Berta Bernad has designed for Bucarelli and we were sold.

Basics & classics

We all want Spring to be around the corner (check our Instagram and you’ll see a suspicious amount of flower pictures), but the truth is that we still have a couple of months of Winter left. At least in the North of Europe, where we live. That’s why I’m still thinking about adding a couple of nice and timeless pieces to my Winter wardrobe. I love trends, but I just can’t help but leaning towards basic and classic pieces. This Winter I’ve been looking for a nice camel coat and some comfortable pointy pumps to add a little bit of sobriety and temperance to my closet. They are perfect for work, they can be dressed up or down and they make you look like a million dollars. 1. Masculine camel coat by Joseph. Over the shoulders tren anyone? 2. Cashmere boyfriend sweater by JCrew. It just goes with everything. 3. The most beautiful camel coat by Max Mara. I’m in love! 4. Cute Kitten heel pumps by Zara. 5. Leo print pointy pumps by JCrew. Perfection 6. Black …

Weekend style icons: Trini G

I’ve recently discovered Trini G’s blog and all I can say is that I loooooove it. It’s a jewel! Seriously, this girl has become one of my all time style icons. I love her! I was completely surprised by her because she is super young but has an amazing classic style. If ‘ll have to describe her I’d say she is like little Sofia Coppola meets little Diane Keaton. With a tiny Audrey Hepburn touch. No, I’m not exagerating. Look at the pictures if you don’t believe me…