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Those little things

When we travel we love doing this that we think locals would do. We know we are tourists, don’t get me wrong. We have no problem with that word. We’re not travellers, though we wish we were! We have a lovely life to escape from and go back to. We spend days daydreaming about leaving to new destinations, but then we really enjoy being at home. It’s just that we love mingling with the locals and pretending that we live in the places we visit. In the end, travelling is fantasizing, no? Here’s a list of those little things that we love doing while travelling to fool ourselves and pretend we actually are locals:

Have a fun weekend!

Any plans for the weekend? We are going to the cinema tonight to see Quartet, the first film directed by Dustin Hoffman. I’ve heard is quite funny so I’m looking forward to it! This week has been a little bit hard and I want to finish it with a good laugh. Tomorrow we’re going to Hamburg, so we are excited because that means shopping! ;) On Sunday we will work on some new surprises for the blog, (stay tuned!) and we will read every post available about Milan fashion week, a great Sunday, don’t you think? What about you? I hope you have a great fun weekend!!!