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Chocolate, orange and olive oil cake

Somehow Winter has arrived. Yes, I know there’s a lot of Autumn left but the last few days have felt like Winter. Temperatures have dropped, the terrible North Sea wind is back making our ears and noses little ice blocks and our fire place is full with candles again. So all we can do is bundle up and enjoy warm cups of coffee with a piece of cake. It sounds boring and oh so cliché but the comfort that a cup of coffee and a piece of cake bring in these long, dark afternoons is exactly what makes this season bearable. These days we miss Spain so very much, but we also like to make the most of the characteristic cosy German atmosphere, hence the candles in the fire place and the coffee and cake in the afternoon. In this cake, our take on a recipe we found in this book, we’ve used the best of both worlds: extra virgin olive oil and oranges from Spain and dark chocolate made in Bremen. You will need: …

Chocolate and mascarpone pots

This week has been particularly long. It has been one of those “just give me a pint of ice cream and a Big Bang Theory marathon every night” kind of week. But since everytime we buy our favourite ice cream we eat in in one sitting, we decided to create our own substitute for ice cream. Just to keep fitting through the doors, basically. Fear not, we are not going to give you a recipe with frozen banana / stevia / avocado cream / black beans / whatever “healthy” ingredientthere’s left in the market. These chocolate and mascarpone pots are as naughty as it gets, but we’ve tried to minimized the damage (and the guilt) by using skimmed milk, bio yogurt, dark chocolate and just one tablespoon of sugar. And no palm oil, the latest enemy of human health. Is this good for you? Well, it’s better than supermarket bought ice cream, that’s for sure. You can lick a pear if you want to stay skinny, but we need our chocolate fix no matter the …

Chocolate chip blondies

We tried this recipe a couple of weeks ago in an attempt of improving our office coffee break game. We weren’t very sure but the result surprised us so much that we’ve already cooked more than two batches in the last few days. These vegan (well, that’s optional), light blondies are surprisingly good. They might not look like much, but they are addictive! First it was gluten, then sugar and now comes the palm oil. The supermarket is full of cancer threats and since I’m a hopeless hypochondriac I’ve been trying to bake our very own, healthy (ish) treats for a while now like these almond bites, this coconut vanilla cake or these coconut chocolate bars. Notice a pattern? Coconut. And for this recipe we also used a lot of coconut based ingredients. Coconut sugar, which is great if you want to cut off refined sugar, and coconut butter, which we found a little bit hard to work with (you can always use normal butter to make things easier). Tip: work the dough with your hands and a …

Salted Caramel Brownies

I remember the first time I tried salted caramel. We were in Bruges, spending a lovely long weekend away. I loved the mixture of the creamy, velvety, sweet fudge and the and the crunchy, strong salt. I was surprised and delighted. Since then it has become my favourite flavour after chocolate, that is. Chocolate is my true love. It will always come first. This recipe, however, combines my two loves: the comfort of dark chocolate and the excitement of salted caramel. It’s a match made in heaven. Besides, it’s really easy to prepare (I think I’ve written this sentence in every recipe published in this blog but we love easy preparations with amazing results). At first I was scared of preparing salted caramel myself, but if you have a non-stick pan and a little bit of patience, it’s actually quite simple. Or you can always buy pre-made salted caramel and add it to your brownie mix. No judging here. To make the salted caramel you will need: 50 gr unsalted butter at room temperature 100 …

Coconut chocolate bars

The combination of coconut and dark chocolate is one of our favourites. It’s quite strong but it’s oh so delicious! We were determined to develop our very own coconut and dark chocolate bars but we couldn’t get them right. I think it has taken more than a year to make this recipe perfect, but finally, here it is: our homemade Bounty bars! 

Gluten free chocolate lime squares

These small pieces of chocolate heaven are gooey, rich and gluten free. You know my thoughts about the whole gluten intolerant crazyness, so I know it’s a bit odd that we have published two gluten free recipes on a row… But they are too good not to share them. So, gluten intolerant or not, you’ll love these squares. The strong chocolate flavour with a zingy lime touch is absolutely delicious and perfect for this transitional weather: lime to remember Summer, chocolate to anticipate Autumn. And you can freeze them, which is nice because otherwise you’ll eat them all in one go!

Old school chocolate mousse

Hello! We hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter! We are still on mini vacation and we are trying to make the most of it. Besides, on Friday we head to Berlin for The Hive Conference so this week looks pretty good! And nothing better to start the week than an old school chocolate mousse. Well, this chocolate mousse will actually improve any week, month or year. It’s pure pleasure. Creamy happiness. Airy delight. This is a real show stopper and it’s my dessert of choice if I want to make a good impression. If you follow every step you will find that it’s actually very easy to prepare.

Chocolate gâteau basque

What a better way to start the week than enjoying a decadent rich chocolate dessert? We found this chocolate gâteau basque recipe in one of Julie Andrieu books and I can say it’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever baked. The texture will surprise you, a chewy pastry and  a creamy fudgy ganache with an intense chocolate flavour and a touch of cinnamon.

Just breathe: Valle del Baztán

Seated in the porch, admiring the green landscape and listening to the cowbells jingling in the distance I think that this is the perfect destination. Whether you travel with children, solo, with a group of friends or your significant other, this valley will allow you to play hide and seek with reality.

Four new recipes

The last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for yummy inspiration and found several amazing food blogs. They are huge, I know, but I’ve just discovered them! Today I wanted to share with you four recipes that I’m super excited to try! Let’s start with a beautiful Spring salad. Honey-roasted pecans, blackberries and blue cheese?? I’m in!