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Carven Summer 2014

Carven is one of those brands that always surprise us. It has a very strong personality but it’s kind of sweet at the same time. Their pieces don’t follow trends, they are special. In a world where we see the same things over and over again, Carven represents uniqueness.

A Carven coat

When we come back from Italy next week Autumn will be waiting for us, we know that. So we better get prepared! Before the horrible German Winter arrives we will have a short period of time when we could wear “normal” coats. Afterwards, we won’t be able to live without our huge down coats and we will look like walking duvets. I’ve been looking for a nice quality coat and the Carven selection for next season is really nice. That blue cocoon coat has stolen my heart, but there are other pretty options. Do you want to have a look?


Carven has solved one of my biggest wardrobe problems: how to dress when temperatures rise, the sun shines but I still have to go to work. I never know what to wear! Outside is hot but air conditioning makes the office a little refrigerator.