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The tall ship races, Cádiz

Cádiz might be the only city yet to be discovered by tourists in Spain, so it still maintains the special atmosphere, decadent charm and profound happiness of a place that knows its beauty relays on simplicity and understated magnificence: stunning sunsets by the sea, simple meals based on fresh fish and long warm nights. 

Cádiz reflections

  Boys playing football on Santa María del Mar beach. Cádiz is a city that wakes up and heads to the beach. There, she spents the whole day, playing on the sand, watching families gather around sandwiches and chips. Loud and sweaty. But as the sun goes down, the city takes a shower and turns silver. Sunsets with pink accents, quiet dark corners and sweet flavours. Every Summer, the same routines.

Moodboard: Cádiz

Every July we visit our family in Cádiz. Long windy days at the beach, lots of fresh fish and gazpacho for lunch, lazy siestas and night walks that end with hazelnut ice cream. And we’ve just booked our tickets! We can’t wait to play with our nephew and niece, visit the fish market and enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the cathedral. Oh, and hopefully my mother in law will prepare one of her amazing Tortilla de patatas for me!!!

Discover a different Spain

We come from two famous Spanish cities: Madrid and Seville. We sure love them! Both are beautiful, vibrant and charming. Madrid has that amazing energy and Seville has such an authentic flavour, but when we go back to Spain we love visiting other places that might not be so popular, but still have all the ingredients for a perfect Spanish getaway: wonderful architecture, fascinating landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine. Here you have our recommendations to discover a different Spain.