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Moodboard: Budapest

This month we’ve been terribly busy and we are exhausted. The mere thought of continuing this crazy schedule of work, courses and events during November makes us tremble with fear. To top it all of, we have to suffer works at home. Oh life’s good… So what do we do when everything seems too much? Daydream about new destinations! This year Budapest has been discreetly climbing to the top of our bucket list. We already talked about it in February (click!) but lately it has been more present in our conversations about new destinations. And with Christmas season around the corner we can’t help but picturing how beautiful the city would be. For us, Eastern Europe is a complete mystery, so could Budapest be the door to our eastern neighbour countries? Have you ever been to Budapest? Any tips or recommendations?

Avoid pink: Budapest

Today we bring you our second suggestion for a different Valentine’s: the magic city of Budapest. We can’t deny it: we have chosen Budapest not only for its undeniable beauty, but also because of Wes Anderson’s latest creation.  Have you seen his new movie? Anyway, we have been reading great things about Budapest lately and it seems to be in everyone’s lips. Lips – kisses – Valentine’s. Obviously!