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Paris London

Let’s begin our Paris themed week with one of our favourite things in the world: food! ;) We discovered this place by pure chance. Last week, after having a great time at Le Tuileries (clic) we were starving and freezing. We didn’t know where to eat and it was a little bit late, so we headed to Place de la Madeleine to visit its amazing gourmet shops and buy some nice little treats. But in our way we found this fantastic place. We were mesmerized. We liked it so much that we came back the next day for brunch!

Our very first home made brunch

Yesterday we hosted our first brunch in our new home! I got up very early to pick up freshly baked baguettes and croisssants. The sun was shining, the air was crispy and the city was beautiful all dressed up in Autumn colours. It was one of those moments were you are surprisingly happy, just because.

Sunday brunch

We’ve started this week really excited and looking forward for the weekend! This Sunday we will be hosting our first Sunday brunch in our brand new home! I have to admit that working on the preparations for a party is my favourite part of the party, so I can’t be happier! We’ve prepared our new home for the cold German winter, so we just have to decide which recipes to prepare! Cheese has to be involved in most of them. Any suggestions?


We love books. All of them. We have to be careful not to spend our whole budget on books. The first piece of furniture that we bought was a huge bookcase! And we love food. So… we love cookbooks! This is our little cookbook collection in our kitchen.