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Last Saturday, after having the most amazing dinner here, we decided to go for a walk. It was getting dark, the city was quiet and the air was crispy. We took some lovely pictures, I thought maybe you would like to see them.


Our trip to Bruges was a last minute decision, but we were really lucky and booked the last room in Ter Duinen hotel. Usually we try to avoid the big hotel chains because they are a bit impersonal and when you get up you really don’t know if you are in London, Cape Town or Buenos Aires… they all look the same. That’s why we always look for nice charming hotels with something different. Well, this hotel was definitely a great choice.


And we’re back from Bruges! We’ve spent the most incredible 4 days. The city was incredibly beautiful, the food was beyond amazing and the hotel was perfect. So, be prepared for a load of posts about Bruges this week! Let’s begin with mmm…Monday! Once again Tokyobanhbao made a wonderful recommendation! We read about Tanuki in her blog and we didn’t hesitate and tried it! We were there twice in four days! Yes, it was that good!

From Wanderlust to Unterwegs

Do you remember this post? Well, we’re making it happen! We’re taking a couple of days off this week and we’re travelling by train to Bruges! It’s going to be a very long train trip, more that 7 hours, but I’m looking forward to it! I’ve planned to take with me a couple of books that have been waiting patiently for months to be readed on my bedside table, I’ve bought some magazines and snacks and I’m going to make the most of it! I hope we can update the blog from Bruges, if not, see you when we get back! Belgian chocolate, here we come! Image via Agency26


We would love to visit Bruges. In my imagination it’s a magical place with misterious little streets. I imagine long walks, a quite atmosphere and crispy cold wind, mist and faint light.