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Weekend style icons: Kaitlyn

Friday means casual for us. And this weekend we are inspired by Kaitlyn from the blog Modern Legacy. With a very attractive and mysterious halo, always hidden behind the coolest sun glasses, Kaitlyn is the epitome of cool. Look at that: black skinny jeans, stripes and Isabel Marant sneakers. So simple but it doesn’t get cooler that that! Lots of pictures after the jump…

Weekend Style Icons: Meric

This weekends’ inspiration comes from Turkey. Meric is the creative director of Mr., co-founder of Apartment 11 and owner of an amazing blog, Maritsa. She has a unique sense of style and even though casual outfits are not that frequent in her blog, every time we see her wearing comfy and less formal looks, we love it!

Weekend style icons: Pernille

A couple of days ago we were talking about how much we love Copenhagen. Well, not only we love the city, but also the Danish style (and pastries, but that’s a theme for a mmm… Monday post). Pernille lives in Copenhagen and it’s the kind of stylish woman that we admire while wandering the streets of that beautiful city. Her sweet face and her casual looks are our inspiration for the weekend.

Weekend Style Icons: Berta

Hello there! How was your week? Ours was a little bit chaotic… we really need some rest this weekend! Do you know what would be perfect? A road trip in the Cotswolds! Ever since I saw this post I’m dreaming about it. Only Berta is capable of capturing and trasmitting such and elegant yet casual vibe. Her blog and her style are our favourites at the moment. That’s why she is our inspiration for this weekend.

Weekend Style Icons: Erea

Today we are off to London! We can’t be more excited! I’m attending a course this weekend and P. is going to explore the city on her own, so it’s going to be a challenge for both of us! As always, we want to finish the week with a dose of inspiration. Today, let us introduce you to Erea, a freelance stylist based in Madrid.

Weekend style icons: thepetticoat

Hello there! Just back from Italy… which means that holidays are over, snif! Thank God we still have this weekend to get prepared to go back to work. In the meantime, we leave you with the gorgeous face of Thepetticoat. Cristina is amazing and has a great minimal, confident, strong sense of style. Hope you like her looks, we love them. Jumpsuits, lots of white and black combos, white suits, sunkissed skin and messy hair. Perfection. Not many words today, just a picture overload. Please understand us: holidays are over, we need a moment ;)

Weeken style icons: Gala

You know Gala, right? She is a truly celebrity blogger. Her blog is a little bit of a street style bible. Her looks are an inspiration for thousands, including me. To be honest, I really envy her. Yes, I do. She travels the world, she is absolutely gorgeous, super skinny, speaks English with a lovely british accent (that’s really difficult, even more if you are a Spaniard!) and has an amazing sense of style.And don’t get me started on her hair. I hate her. But I love her. See? Envy.