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Happy weekend!!

Any plans for the weekend? I’ll be working the whole weekend. Every. Single. Day. I’m quite nervous because we’re opening a contemporary dance festival!!! It’s the second edition and I’m the manager, so I’m acting cool… but I’m screaming inside. I hope everything goes well! Fingers crossed! Anyway! We wish you a lovely Spring weekend (if you are lucky and Spring has arrived wherever you live) and we’d love to see you on Monday!! PS: See? We can’t stop thinking about bicycles!!


Today everyone is talking about the new king of Holland and all I can think about are bicycles… they are typical Dutch, right? ;) We’ve been living in a small German city for more than two years now and we still don’t have bicycles. And I’m saying “still” because here people don’t walk, they ride, so we are under a lot of pressure: everyone is like WHAAAAT??? when we say that we don’t have bicycles. But it rains a lot, it’s freezing most of the time (that means ice, that means slippery streets) and the city is full of tram rails. So what’s so strange about not riding a bike, huh? Besides, let me tell you this: I love my teeth (and I’m quite clumsy) and I don’t want to get to work all sweaty and disheveled (yeah, I know that riding to work would be very healthy, but I’m more concerned about my hair, what can I say?). But the truth is that lately I’ve been picturing us riding our bicycles and enjoying picnics …

Picnic season

Picnic season is here! This is one of the nicest things of Spring and something we love: the day that the sun shines (something very rare here in the North of Germany, but still) we grab our books, our SPF, a blanket and we head to the park for a picnic! The weather is not that hot (oh well, in Germany it never really is), there is a warm breeze, the birds are singing, the trees are all green and fragrant… It’s just lovely! Picnics are also the best excuse to eat deli sandwiches and other treats that we don’t usually eat at home. To be honest, maybe that’s the main reason why we love picnics. Here you have some gourmet picnic ideas if you’d like to see…