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This weekend we attended The Hive Conference. For those of you who don’t know what it is, let us explain: The Hive is a meeting of pretty awesome people (mostly women) who love sharing beautiful and interesting content online.  So basically we spent two days getting inspired and encouraged. We listened to brands, we were mesmerized by other blogger’s experiences and we had THE BEST time.

Weekend style icons: Kayla

The weather this week has been COLD. We have a couple of very warm coats that are really practical but, let’s face it, they make us look like Eskimos. While looking for some coats online (let’s see if we can find something super warm yet stylish. Difficult task!) we discovered Kayla’s blog, Not your standard. Apparently she lives in Berlin, so she has to understand the terrible German weather, and she has a quite impressive coat collection. Besides, she is the epitome of beautiful glowy skin. Winter inspiration much?

Moodboard: Berlin

In April we’ll be attending The Hive and we couldn’t be more excited! Are you coming too? We can not wait to meet fellow bloggers, learn the secrets of a few influencers and share our passion while networking. Besides, we get to revisit Berlin! You should know that we were surprisingly disappointed the first time we visited Berlin. I guess we had heard so much about it that our expectations were really high. So let’s hope this time we finally see what all the fuss is about. That is, if we have a little time between conferences and workshops. We are looking for accommodation so feel free to leave your suggetions in the comment section. That means: please share with us your traveller secrets! We are looking for a design boutique hotel or appartment. Something different and charming… Is that too much to ask? ;) And if you know where to find the perfect Currywurst we will really appreciate it!

Where to travel in 2015?

This week we’ve done two quizzes to guess where we should travel in 2015. This one in the Lonely Planet web says we have to go to Singapore (we both got the same result!) but the quiz in the AFAR website claims that I should experience art in Paris and P. has to recharge in India. Well, we’ve never thought about visiting Singapore to be honest. Maybe we should, apparently it matches our personality, go figure! But Paris is always a good idea. India, on the contrary, scares us. In any case, our travel plans for 2015 are quite different: In February we are planning to spend a weekend in Mallorca. We want to go back to Serra de Tramuntana, eat in Ca Na Toneta and remember a little trip we did five years ago to prepare our destination wedding. If you are curious you can have a look at the posts we did about our wedding here and here. We don’t want to miss The Hive in April. The Hive is the blogger conference that we couldn’t attend …

7 travel destinations for design lovers

  1. Barcelona One name: Gaudí. His work is admired by architects around the world as being one of the most unique and distinctive architectural styles. His work has greatly influenced the face of Barcelona architecture and you will see stunning examples of Gaudí’s work all around the city centre. 2. New York One area: the meat packing district. Design-forward restaurants, bars, clothing boutiques, galleries, and artists’ residences in a neighborhood formerly known for its meat warehouses. 3. Berlin One place: The Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design collects art pieces, items, documents and literature which relate to the Bauhaus School (1919–1933), one of the most influential schools of architecture, design, and art of the 20th century. 4. Paris One sight: the futuristic skyscraper business district known as La Défense.  Plans have been approved for the Hermitage Towers — a project designed by British architect Norman Foster. When finished, these twin towers will be the tallest skyscrapers in Europe. 5. Marrakech One garden:  Jardin Marjorelle. The garden is named after its creator, Jacques Majorelle, a French born artist …


This weekend Berlin will be the place to be. The super cool cosmopolitan Berlinale Film Festival opens its doors this Thursday. There are other film festivals, but if you like cinema, this is THE festival. Films of every genre, length and format find their place in the various sections of the festival. While other festivals pay more attention to red carpets and advertising, the Berlinale lays the focus on films, new perspectives and the global film community. Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to attend the Festival. We are really upset because one of our favourite directors, Isabel Coixet, will present her new film: Ayer no termina nunca. This film features also one of the best Spanish actresses: Candela Peña. So we need to watch it as soon as possible! Coixet’s scripts, photography and sensitivity are unique and her films have a honest yet  dreamlike atmosphere that fascinates us. Besides, she always wears super cute glasses and I love her for that. So, if you have nothing planned for this weekend you should pack some things and …


Barcomi’s Deli is a great place. Comfortable, relaxed and placed in one of the nicest areas of Berlin. I would go there to enjoy brunch with friends, to have a quiet afternoon alone with magazines, a cup of coffee and a cookie, or to grab a bite after a long day of shopping. The food is delicious: bagels, sandwiches, soups and salads. And the cookies and cakes are to die for! This time we chose bagels: the NY Special and the Parma Ham. The NY Special had salmon, cream cheese, tomato and quite a lot of onion but it was almost sweet and very mild, so the mixture was delicious! The Parma Ham was in fact a sandwich, but I asked if I could have it in a bagel instead, and there was no problem. It had Parma ham, of course, tomato and rocket. Simple but really nice! And the bagels were spectacular: fresh, soft, warm and tasty.


We have been living in Germany for a year but still haven’t visited Berlin, so we thought it was about time, bought two train tickets and off we went! When we arrived we needed 30 minutes to get out from that huge station… Once we made it we went to our hotel, leave our luggage and headed directly to Hackesche Höfe to eat at Barcomi’s Deli, which was amazing. Hackesche Höfe is an area with lots of courtyards where you can find restaurants, all kinds of shops and lots of cool people (and tourists too… let’s face it, we are everywhere!). That was absolutely my favorite spot in Berlin. Actually we came back on Sunday to have a cup of tea in a quiet cafe while reading some magazines and newspapers and pretending we lived in Berlin.