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Dühne: the worst day of Summer

We are already in full Autumn mood so we’ve been reminiscing a little bit about this Summer that has gone by pretty quickly and barely noticed. It hasn’t been our most memorable Summer, but we’ve spent some great moments that were the reason why we posted a few articles: wonderful meals, afternoons by the swimming pool, Italian road trips and a few hours in Venice. However, I’ve been thinking that most travel blogs don’t mention epic travel fails and, well, we had one this year so I thought we should share it with you and laugh about it together. Because not everything in life is Instagram worthy!

Thinking about Summer…

Every year in May we head to the beach. A couple of years ago we spent the most wonderful time at Belavista Hotel in Algarve and last year we escaped to Ibiza and Formentera for a couple of weeks of pure relax. So at the moment we are planning this year’s beach getaway. The thing is that around this time of the year our muscles need sun, our skin needs a little bit of salt and our toes need sand. We long for the sound of the seagulls and the smell of coconut lotion mixed with the sea breeze. We basically need to fast forward to Summer. So what are we doing lately to keep up with this beachy anxiety? Look for flights and nice sandals. You know we are all about basics and naturals. While browsing Reef’s website we’ve found some really nice numbers that are just right up our alley. We look for something nice, relaxed and comfortable. Just as Summers should be. And we’ve put together a selection for you (and for …

Cádiz reflections

  Boys playing football on Santa María del Mar beach. Cádiz is a city that wakes up and heads to the beach. There, she spents the whole day, playing on the sand, watching families gather around sandwiches and chips. Loud and sweaty. But as the sun goes down, the city takes a shower and turns silver. Sunsets with pink accents, quiet dark corners and sweet flavours. Every Summer, the same routines.

One-piece swimsuit, bikini… or nothing at all?

Have you ever been to Formentera? We spent a couple of beautiful days in this peaceful and extremely gorgeous island three months ago. During our stay we discovered the most amazing beach, which became immediately our favourite beach in the world. It was not a hidden cove, actually it was very close to Ses Illetes, the most visited and photographed beach in Formentera, but it was almost empty, I would even say it was lonely. Just a few couples, a family over there… but it was so quiet and peaceful… and then we realized no one was wearing swimsuits. Yep. Nudist territory. Oh well, we laid out our towels to enjoy the most glorious day under the sun. But after a while I took off my swimsuit. Say what?

7 idyllic beaches around the world

Even though we love the Mediterranean, we can’t help but dream about exotic beaches, distant destinations and colourful new sunsets. I guess this week is all about lists and after yesterday’s 8 cooking schools across the world, here you have 7 idyllic beaches to daydream… Can you picture yourself staring at these wonderful natural wonders?


We had heard that Formentera was incredibly beautiful. We had seen it in pictures, movies, travel magazines… but we weren’t prepared to the breathtaking beauty of this little island. We were shocked. Truly. We took two day trips during our stay in Ibiza and, honestly, we regret not having stayed the night. The week. Forever.

Cala Olivera, Ibiza

Hi there! We are having a great time in Ibiza and we thought we could share with you a little bit of our holidays. We can’t promise to post every day, but we hope to keep you updated and give you some tips about this famous island.

Next stop: Algarve

Do you remeber that last year we spontaneously decided to go to Bruges and it turned out one of the most charming trips we’ve ever made? Well, it looks like May is our unexpected-destinations-and-travels month! As you read this we will be flying to the South of Portugal!!! Some years ago we used to go every Summer to a music festival in Alentejo (clic) but we’ve never visited Algarve before and we are absolutely excited about it. To be honest, it wasn’t one of our top destinations but it just happened and we are going to make the most of it! Those beaches! Sigh! We’re planning on  reading by the swimmingpool, taking long walks on the beach and eating tons of fish and fresh fruits. We only hope that the cloud that followed us to Mallorca and Paris decides to stay in Germany this time. We’ll see… Bye bye!!!! Image via Trekearth