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Beauty favourites

We’ve been using these products over and over again for the last month, so we might as well share them with you because they are absolutely fantastic. We are not beauty experts but, from not beauty expert to another… do you want to have a look?

Our “no make up” make up

We usually don’t wear foundation. On a daily basis we really like to sleep a little bit more, have a nice shower and a good breakfast before heading to work. That’s why we like to keep our make up simple and fresh. Yes, we are great fans of the “no make up” make up. We discovered L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream by pure chance but we loved it the minute we tryed it. It makes your skin looks FLAWLESS. Really, it’s way better that other pricey BB creams and light foundations. And it’s super easy to apply! It gives you an amazing natural glow. After a year enjoying its benefits we were really happy to try the brand new products of the Nude Magique line: the BB Powder and the BB Blush. And we weren’t disappointed at all! The blush has a velvety texture that we just love and, again, it’s very easy to apply. You can start with a little amount and work from there to get the perfect light flushed-by-crispy-Autumn-air cheeks. The powder is …

Clarins BB cream

I love Clarins. We have a long love story and I just can’t get enough of it. So I need to try their new BB cream. I’m sure it’s wonderful! If they say it revitalizes, protects and evens skin tone, then I’m sure it really does. Have you tried it? I don’t like to apply foundation everyday, so BB creams are really my first option every morning. After cleaning, toning and mousturising my face, always with my  Clarins arsenal, of course. :)