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We need this! Olive Clothing

We first read about this brand in Cristina’s blog. She used to wear a few Olive Clothing pieces in rotation and we love her style. Then we discovered the brand’s Instagram and we were sold. We basically love every outfit they post. Their simplicity is refreshing and they feature stripes in almost all of the looks. We know that this season high street brands are looking back to the 70’s for inspiration but that’s not our cup of tea. We want to stick to the simple classics that we love and Olive Clothing has some very nice pieces to offer. And most of them are navy. What’s not to love?

Weekend style icons: Kaitlyn

Friday means casual for us. And this weekend we are inspired by Kaitlyn from the blog Modern Legacy. With a very attractive and mysterious halo, always hidden behind the coolest sun glasses, Kaitlyn is the epitome of cool. Look at that: black skinny jeans, stripes and Isabel Marant sneakers. So simple but it doesn’t get cooler that that! Lots of pictures after the jump…