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My work bag collection

For the last six years I’ve been thinking about buying a beautiful pale blue Loewe Amazona bag although lately I’ve really been into the classic and cute Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis bag. Will I ever buy any of those bags? I doubt it. I just don’t feel like spending that much money in one bag when, for the same price, I can book a plane ticket and a nice boutique hotel stay. #Priorities. However, I do love bags and I try to get a decent cost per wear ratio when buying a new one. So if I were to invest in a luxury bag, it would definitely be a work bag. I’m working most of the time, so I might as well have a nice bag to do so… I’m very happy with my work bag collection, though. It’s a normal working girl collection. It’s not high-street but it’s not luxury. I have all the neutral shades cover, I have a bag for fancy meetings and a bag for casual Fridays, I have an “all …


Did you see this post yesterday? After taking some pictures of that bag, we thought: how come we never speak about Hakei on the blog when it’s one of our favourite brands? So today we want to share with you their new Autumn looks! And please do notice the bags!!! 

Crossbody bags

When you are a lazy dresser like we are and your main priority is comfort, cross body bags are a must. While we love a nice tote bag, this season we are looking for the best cross body bag to run errands and travel in style. It has to be light, compact, pretty (obviously) and has to fit our camera. Here are a few options, from the most expensive brands to the most affordable high street labels.  1. This is our favorite. It has a vintage vibe, inner and outer pockets and it’s made in Italy.  2. Her name is Lily and it’s cute, isn’t it? The golden details make it classic and the deep green color is the epitome of Autumn.  3. And talking about color… this bag would look amazing with a monochromatic look. All black, all chocolate, all navy, all white, all burgundy… The possibilities are endless! Quite an investment piece, though.  4. The smallest of the list, but we love the brogue and fringe detailing to the front flap. A back to school bag! …

Summer coordinates

I’ve always liked to match my lipstick and my nail polish.  The towels in my bathroom have the exact same shade as the blue tiles on the wall. The pillows on my sofa have to match the rug under the dining room table….What can I say? I love symmetry. So now that matchy-matchy outfits are back and coordinated bags and shoes are fashionable again, I just can’t be happier. Here you have my Summer coordinates picks amongs the lovely selection of JCrew. From tan leather to stripe fabrics, coordinated bags and shoes always give your look a more polished finish. I know, I know, this is not exactly avant-garde, but it looks pretty and it’s easy to wear. You don’t have to struggle mixing prints or colours! For a lazy dresser like me, this trend ticks all the right boxes.

In my suitcase: bags

I am a bag person. Actually, I’d love to be a shoe person because I love shoes too, but I have ridiculously tiny feet that make almost impossible for me to go crazy and buy tons of shoes. So bags it is. On holidays I usually choose clutches. I don’t carry all the things that make my bag weigh two tons in my everyday life. Just my purse, my phone and some lipstick. In fact, holidays are the only time I get to wear clutches. These are my fave for this season.

Michael Kors Jet Set Striped Travel Tote

I love love love this Michael Kors tote. It would be perfect for long Summer days with its vibrant citrus stripes, don’t you think? Actually I first saw it in navy and I really liked it but I find the citrus version more interesting. It would look perfect with a total denim look, jeans and a flower print tee, or a nice long white dress. It’s also perfect for travelling! I’m already thinking about the most appropriate destinations to take this lovely number for a ride… You can buy it here. And what about this tiny clutch? You can use it as a purse together with the tote or alone during long casual Summer nights! PS: now you can find us on twitter!!! @theslowpaceblog!!!Let’s hang out!