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The travel bag

We are weekenders, so a nice travel bag is something we really need/want during our European weekend getaways. It’s perfect to spend a couple of days away and travel in style. Because, let’s face it: trolleys are practical but they don’t look that good. There is something about a good old leather travel bag that says “well-travelled person”. So looking for a nice, good quality, but not overpriced option we’ve found Le Pliage Cuir, by Longchamp. It’s light, spacious, folds up when not in use and comes in a huge range of colours. Obviously our favourite is the classic Mocha, a dark brown with masculine vibes. This bag is made to carry your striped tees and black ballerinas in a romantic road trip along the Amalfi Coast. Or maybe boho dresses and tan sandals for a weekend in Ibiza. And why not jeans and light blue shirts to discover Cornwall? Do you sense the seaside theme here? Well, we do miss the sea breeze in our hair… Pic via Longchamp

May wish list

We went to London last weekend. We had a wonderful time, but my back was killing me most of the time. Why? Because I carried a huge bag with me. The problem is that when I look for/buy bags I only think about my everyday life from Monday to Friday and always forget weekends. So I end up with tote bags or huge purses where the 1.500 things I need on a daily basis fit perfectly. And since I don’t have any nice medium/small size bag for the weekend, I usually carry around all that stuff on weekends and trips too. Bad, bad, bad. (Does that happen to you too?) That’s why if I have to spend my money on one thing this month, that’s going to be a medium-sized bag. And here are my options: 1. The terribly trendy Drew bag by Chloé: I got the feeling that it’s going to become a classic. So the cost per wear will justify the splurge. 2.  A very similar version within a more affordable price range. Claire …

October Favorites

October was a very nice month. We’ve worked more than ever, but we also found the time to relax and celebrate my birthday! We did a nice little trip to Heidelberg, my mum was here to visit and the weather was astoundingly merciful allowing us to enjoy some beautiful Autumnal walks. Anyway! We start our favourites of the month with this amazing burger. A real highlight!

What’s in my bag? Travel edition

Do you travel light or full of “what ifs”? We always carry everything with us. Everything. The result: sore backs, grumpy moods and uncomfortable travel. But not anymore!!! We are determined to travel smart. Since we are going away this weekend (more on that this afternoon, stay tuned!) we’ve prepared a “just the essentials” travel bag. Well, apart from our phones, chargers, wallets and wipes, ehem, this is all we will take with us: 1. A medium size cross body bag. Free hands, cute colour, nice leather. It ticks all the right boxes. We bought this one in Hakei, one of our favourite Spanish shops. They have the best leather and fantastic designs. 2. Our camera. In fact we usually take two cameras with us. This one is our Canon Powershot S120. It’s small, easy to use (well, I still have to learn a few tricks) and records video too. 3. A notebook and a pen. To write drown all things important. And scrawling, mostly. 4. Oil blotting papers. Planes are awful to our skin, that’s …


Grey is P.’s favourite colour so she’s super happy that it is so fashionable this season. Grey can be combined with lots of colours but she specially loves mixing it with navy, chocolate and, obviously, black. This season, however, it seems mandatory to pair the softest shades of grey with pastels. Well, I don’t think that is going to happen. P’s wardrobe has an interesting lack of soft colours. Well, colours in general. Maybe a touch of green and mustard, but that’s all. Anyway… grey combines perfectly with those too! 1. The basic. A fantastic cashmere sweater. This is the kind of piece you should invest some money on. 2. This lovely dress from Sandro will be a great adition to anyone’s wardrobe. You can dress it up with pumps and a pretty coat, or dress it down with flats and a biker jacket. 3. If I could, I would buy this hat. This perfect fedora will make every outfit look like a million dollar. 4. This oversize coat by Isabel Marant x H&M is …

Givenchy Antigona bag

If you are one of those women with a Celine Phantom bag, a couple of Loewe’s Amazona and a black Philip Lim Pashli satchel hanging in the closet, I envy you. You have all my dream bags. Now you only have to buy this gorgeous version of Givenchy Antigona bag and you’ll have it all!! Why almost every blogger on Earth has one of this beauties? I must have done something wrong with my life. I have a good job, but I have to pay rent and stuff. Save money for my retirement (in Venice, I hope). Eat at least twice a day and well, repair the washing machine… that kind of things. Girls with super great bags, can you tell me your secret? Almost no one reads this blog, so your secret will be safe with me ;) Image via Givenchy