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Bye bye Spain!

Today we are heading back to Germany. Sad face. Our Spanish holidays are over. Super sad face. We’ve had a great time with our family and friends and now it’s time to go back home and get used to our routine. We’ll miss the joyful days at the beach in Cádiz with our family, the vibrant life in Madrid, the reunions with old friends in the rooftops of Seville and the lazy days full of laughters in Málaga. This time of the year usually seems to be a new beginning: back from holidays you are supposed to have the energy to face new challenges and projects. That’s how I feel every year for August and September are my January. Not this time, though. I really don’t know how I’m going to cope with work, that terrible German weather and the constant fear of missing important moments of our family and friend’s life. Any ideas? How do you get over this difficult back to reality time? Image via HonestlyWTF

Holidays are over…

We have been travelling for a month, it has been amazing but all good things come to an end! Anyway, this amazing heatwave is giving us the feeling that Summer is not over and we still have lots of things to do. This week we will show you a bunch of pictures of our holidays. Basically we have spent lots of time in our sunbeds, drunk way too much Mojitos, eaten awesome food and had the most amazing time with our families and friends. Now we are back to work and have great plans for the next weeks. The north of Italy and London are waiting for us!!! What can I say? We love to stay at home… but travelling is what makes us happy!!