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Avoid pink: Perugia

Last instalment of our Valentine’s mini series. Today we suggest you a nice little trip to Perugia, a city that will transport you to another times. Home of our beloved Baci, the chocolates with love messages, Perugia couldn’t be a better destination for a getaway with your significant other.

Avoid pink: Budapest

Today we bring you our second suggestion for a different Valentine’s: the magic city of Budapest. We can’t deny it: we have chosen Budapest not only for its undeniable beauty, but also because of Wes Anderson’s latest creation.  Have you seen his new movie? Anyway, we have been reading great things about Budapest lately and it seems to be in everyone’s lips. Lips – kisses – Valentine’s. Obviously!

Avoid pink: Porto

So Valentine’s, huh? We sure love chocolates, flowers and lovely jewellery but if we have to choose a present we choose travelling. A short getaway, a long weekend… that is always our favourite surprise. We have prepared three Wanderlust posts to give you some ideas for next Valentine’s. Avoid pink, little hearts and sticky candy. Pack your bags and go! First destination: Porto.